"Build That Wall": Washington Bakery in Hot Water After "Offensive" Cookie Message

Image via KING 5 News.
Image via KING 5 News.

We’ve gone from “you better bake that cake!” to “you better not bake that cookie!”

An Edmonds, WA baker has come under fire after an image circulated on social media over the weekend of a cookie from the bakery that had the words “Build that Wall” written on it:


The owner of Edmonds Bakery is apologizing following social media uproar over politically-charged Valentine’s Day cookies.

Ken Bellingham says he’s responsible for the cookie in question – a pink heart frosted with “Build that Wall.” The cookie was in his display case Thursday. He said he only made one of the design.


The issue began when Ana Carrera visited the store Thursday, took a picture of the cookie, and shared it on Facebook.

“It’s hard to see words like that,” she said.

Hard, she said, because it felt personal. Her parent fled Mexico for the U.S. in the 80s, fearing the drug cartels.

While Bellingham told KING 5 News that the cookie message was meant as a “joke” and not a political message, he’s faced a wave of criticism on his bakery’s Facebook page. But support for him is gaining momentum. Some samples of some of the pro and con comments include:

“I’m not sure how you could say it wasn’t meant to be a political statement. lol That’s just laughable. And what does that have to do with Valentine’s Day? Sad you had to be so divisive.”

“What’s really saddening are all the people around the country who approve. Well I live near you and I disapprove.”

“Stop the hatred. Stop the racism. Born in Edmonds, went to Meadowdale High, and an unapologetic progressive liberal. I can no longer support this shop.”

“Locals will keep coming to your shop. You are always so friendly and have awesome treats. My kids love coming in when we are in town. So silly and sad to see so many in an uproar over something to insignificant as a few words on a cookie.”

“Do you ship your cookies? You have my support all the way from Montana.”

“You need to redesign the cookie into little bricks. #buildthatwall I’ll take 2 dozen please!”


After everything bakers, florists, and wedding photographers across the country have been subjected to by the activist left over the last several years in the name of “social justice”, the next three-word message Edmonds Bakery should put on their cookies is one you typically wouldn’t see for Valentine’s Day: “Leave Us Alone.”

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