The Postmortem on Robin Carnahan is Already Being Written

The writing is on the wall for Missouri Democrats. Their chances of winning the Senate seat currently held by Republican Kit Bond certainly qualify for the “slim to none” category. This was recognized by national Democrats with the recent decision to cancel much of their reserved air space for advertising.


A few weeks ago, Bill S had a great piece about Carnahan running an outdated “2006” campaign.

Now, this week, Columbia Missourian editorialist George Kennedy heaps some damning praise on the Carnahan campaign:

With less than two weeks left before the election, my nomination for Worst Campaign by a Missouri Democrat goes to Robin Carnahan. Blessed with an honored political heritage and a vulnerable opponent, Ms. Carnahan has so far taken the low road and stuck to it. Her attacks on Congressman Roy Blunt have been mainly well founded, but I defy you to tell me much that she’s for, as opposed to who she’s against.

It seems the low road suits the Carnahan family all too well. See Erick’s piece from earlier today on how big brother Russ is trying to run on similar campaign.

If you are a Democrat right now, I’m guessing these are the last desperate tactics that you would use when your party is facing a massive beating at the polls this November.

P.S. Roy Blunt for Senate. This one isn’t over until the judges in St. Louis and Kansas City say it’s over.



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