"Would You Like to Supersize Your Moderna COVID Vaccine Along with Large French Fries and Coke?"

Gavin Newsom is watching California’s vaccine numbers and his recall chances both languish down in life-support territory.

To try to address both issues at once, some California McDonald’s fast-food restaurants have partnered with the California Department of Health to provide COVID vaccinations.  No information yet on whether you can get a shot at the drive-thru window or order it up using the McDonald’s Mobile App — which has a variety of very good deals on some menu items (or so I’ve heard anyway — my wife doesn’t like it when I eat there).


California McDonald’s franchises are working with the Department of Public Health to give out free vaccines with a free menu item for those who get their shot.

And, people aren’t just heading to the Golden Arches over on Richards and Freeport for their free COVID vaccines. They’re heading to 70-plus locations across the state according to McDonalds.

“The state is giving away millions of dollars to do things to get people to get shots into their arms. And we are doing our little part,” Harris Liu, a local McDonald’s owner said.

Liu owns six McDonald’s in the City of Sacramento and six others in Solano and Yolo Counties that are partaking in the initiative.

I’m hearing there might be complaints in the works from Wendy’s and Burger King based on unfair competition claims. Who wouldn’t want to get their second Moderna dose while seated next to the fry station where you can grab a handful every time a fresh basket right out of the fryer gets dumped in?

Some got their order of the vaccine think this approach will encourage more to get it.

“I think it makes it less intimidating than going, to say, a clinic. If it’s a little less formal, it’ll approach and appeal to more people,” Jans said.

“I can’t think of anything else that would be better that taking care of your health and two getting a free lunch out of us,” Liu said.


Morgan Spurlock might find something to quibble with in that last sentence.

I’m not an anti-vax person.  I’ve had the two-dose Moderna vaccine. It was quite easy to arrange for through a local chain drug store.

And while I suppose, as a general proposition, any additional locations to deliver the vaccine are a good thing, it just seems that fast food restaurants should have been quite a ways down the list of “possibles.”

I’m assured there is no truth to the rumor that Deja Vu Showgirls is preparing to offer discount coupons on private lapdances with proof of a COVID second dose.

Let’s not mention that as a possibility to Gavin, though — just in case his numbers get worse.



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