Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth -- Voting Against All Biden Nominees Based Only on Their Race

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Too funny to not laugh.

Democrat Senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth tells CNN that she will henceforth vote against the confirmation of all Biden Administration nominees (almost) over its failure to nominate candidates who are Asian-American Pacific Islanders — AAIP for those of you not up on your “woke-speak” acronyms.


In case you are unaware, Sen. Duckworth was born in Thailand to an American father who was a member of the military, and a Thai mother.  After leaving the military, her father worked for the United Nations, and after leaving Thailand she lived in Singapore and Indonesia before her family moved to Hawaii.  She graduated from high school and college in Hawaii. She then moved to Washington DC to attend George Washington University, where she joined the Army Reserve following a tradition of military service in her family.

So her ethnic roots and formative years spent in Asian and Pacific Islander communities have her sensitive to the issues of “identity politics” that consume the modern Democrat party.  From her perspective, AAPI woke’sters aren’t getting what they were promised.

That is the US Trade Representative and OMB Director — which was the position Neera Tanden was nominated to fill, but she withdrew due to opposition from both sides over her vitriolic Twitter history.


The US Trade Representative has been confirmed — Katherine Tai — but Duckworth and the AAPI’ers didn’t get BOTH.

“A deal’s a deal” — Radar O’Reilly.

This is just TOO GOOD.

Kamala Harris is one-half Indian — the Asian kind.  Her mother was an immigrant from India.

But because the Democrat party rode her as an African-American “show pony” based on her father being Jamaican, she only counts for “identity politics” purposes as being “black” and any suggestion otherwise is “incredibly insulting.”

This string of tweets really needs to be turned into an audio recording with a laugh track.

For those keeping score at home, here is the current leader board for all you race-hucksters seeking to dictate the ethnic make-up of the Biden Administration Cabinet and Senior Staff (note how I rotate “guys” and “gals” so as to not show any bias or preference):


White Guys: 8 — Ron Klain, Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Pete Buttigieg, John Kerry, Merrick Garland, Marty Walsh, and Dennis McDonough

White Gals: 3 — Janet Yellen, Jennifer Granholm, Avril Haines

Black Gals: 3 — Marcia Fudge, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Cecilia Rouse

Black Guys: 2 — Lloyd Austin, Michael Reagan,

Hispanic Guys: 3 — Javier Becerra, Miguel Cardona, Alejandro Mayorkas

Hispanic Gals: 1 — Isabel Guzman

Asian Gals: 1 — Katherine Tai

Asian Guys: 0

American-Indians: 1 — Deb Haaland

I copied this from a white-board in Sen. Duckworth’s office (not really) — her complaint is manifest and this outrage MUST NOT STAND!!!!

Someone needs to get George Takei or Ted Lieu on the phone ASAP — their President needs them!!!

PS:  I wonder if Manu has sent an application.  No experience necessary — he’s Indian (the Asian kind).


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