In Portland and Seattle Antifa Reminds the Biden Administration That it Still Hates America

AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

Wasn’t this Kabuki Theater all supposed to end with the installation of the Hiden/Barris Administration?

Apparently, Antifa in Portland and Seattle didn’t get the memo because the “Black Bloc” was out in both cities on Wednesday night, breaking windows — at the offices of the Democrat Party — burning flags, and engaging in running battles with the police.

A Starbucks came under attack in Seattle — again.  It’s comical how one of the most “woke” companies in the country is regularly singled out by Antifa for this kind of treatment.

An Amazon Go store also suffered at the hands of Antifa.

Back in the summer the “Defund the Police” chants were just a nice rallying cry for the Democrat party’s constituencies to align themselves with one another.

What’s their excuse now?  Do they really want the Hiden/Barris Administration to halt the practice of incarcerating criminals and let them out to prey on the weak?  Apparently so.

Police in Seattle were pretty active in keeping Antifa in check through most of the evening.

It will be interesting to watch in the days and weeks ahead if the tolerance for this activity by the Democrat politicians in Portland and Seattle remains what it has been, or if they finally decide that the toll it is taking on their police and city budgets is too much.  I expect we’ll see the media narrative on these “protests” begin to shift in the weeks ahead.