Time to Begin Working on Top 16 Entries in "News Media Morons" Tournament -- Just Getting Into This Field Should Be An Honor

Keith Olbermann

Round One of the “Most Obnoxious and Idiotic Liberal Celebrity” Tournament is now underway.  You can find the polls in my timeline on Twitter @shipwreckedcrew.  Get over there and vote early and often — even if you are dead.


I was going to wait on beginning to assemble the field for Tournament No. 2 involving the search for the top “News Media Moron” of 2020.

Many possible candidates were suggested for the first tournament, and I’ve got an informal list I’ve been keep track of.  But what has become quite obvious over the last 48 hours is that narrowing that list down to a Top 16 will be extremely difficult.

Rather than wait for the end of the Celebrity Tourney — a field of amateurs in moronic liberal advocacy easily dominated by extraordinary revelations of extreme stupidity — I have concluded that it is wiser to get a jump on that second field, as coming up with only 16, in the end, is going to take as least twice as long as the 3 minutes it took me to settle on the celebrity field. Finding a clear No.1 and 2 like Alyssa Milano and Alec Baldiwnaria simply won’t be possible.  There are a dozen potential No. 1 seeds out there.

But given the sheer size of the field of candidates, I think we are going to really need to focus on both the quality of their celebrity status as a news pundit and the recency of their most demonstrations of clear levels of moronic thinking.

But, where you can expose hypocrisy between their treatment of the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration, the temporal component of their idiocy will be excused


As an executive decision — it’s my tournament after all — I’m DQ’ing all the grifters from the Lincoln Project and contributors to The Bulwark.  Have the balls to be a liberal if you are going to advocate for Joe Biden.  No fake conservatives who don’t want people to know they are really Beltway liberals because they enjoy the wine Jeff Bezos serves on the DC cocktail party circuit.  That should apply to Joe Scarborough too, but he’s up near the top of my personal seedings so I’m keeping him in the field in the hopes he might win the crown at top News Media Moron of 2020.

So, I’m going to toss out 8 names just to kick things off — in no particular order:

Joe Scarborough

Jake Tapper

Brian Stelter

Lawrence O’Donnell

Keith Oblermann

Katie Tur

Chuck Todd

Jim Acosta

That’s 8 already.  Is it possible that Rachel Maddow won’t make it into the field?

In the comments below, sound off with your nominees.  Print reporters are seriously under-represented at this point, so we need some quality nominees.




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