We Have our Preliminary Quasi-Final Field of 16 for the Title of "Most Obnoxious and Moronic Liberal Celebrity of 2020"

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Thanks to all for their contributions and comments about the contest to identify the single most obnoxious liberal celebrity of 2020.

It seems hard to imagine Alec Baldwin and Alyssa Milano not hooking up in the finals when we get to that round. But there are a few potential spoilers in the group below and like they say, on any given day the sun might shine on an idiot liberal’s ass.


As the nominations came in, there was a tremendous amount of sentiment for some “collaborative” entries.

From the standpoint of a group dynamic, “The View” is clearly greater than the sum of its parts, given that each part is a big fat “ZERO”.  That they add up to anything in the final calculation proves none could achieve such a level of idiotic pointlessness on a consistent basis without the synergy provided by looking into each other’s vacuous eyes.

The same is true for the late-night hosts.  While they don’t appear together on one show, they do work off identical scripts sent to them by the DNC each afternoon.   So I just melded them all together in one meaningless gobbledygook of a word that I’m sure they all recognized and feel comfortable wrapped in like a warm blanky.

Then we have the power couples, Prince Markel and Chrissy Legend.

Here then is the final list of 16 — subject to any last-minute emergency appeals for a late entry in the next five hours.  This list is in no particular order, and tomorrow I will post the seedings and the matchups for Round 1 of the Elimination Tournament on Twitter.

  1. Alyssa Milano
  2. Robert DeNiro
  3. The View
  4. Alec Baldwinaria
  5. KimmeMeyeColbeChelBeeFallMayer
  6. Leo DiCaprio
  7. Mark Ruffalo
  8. Barbara Streisand
  9. Taylor Swift
  10. Rob Reiner
  11. Bette Midler
  12. George Takei
  13. Meryl Streep
  14. Kathy Griffin
  15. Debra Messing
  16. Ron Perlman

That’s it.  If you think someone doesn’t belong and you have a more worthy candidate, let me know below in the comments.



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