Hey Jennifer Rubin -- Hitler Used Tattoos -- They Are More Lasting Than the "Enemies List" You Plan To Keep

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I haven’t made an effort yet to see how far back I need to go if in WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin’s timeline on Twitter to find the last time she mentioned anything that might remotely be considered a “conservative” thought.  The WaPo ostensibly holds her out to the public as one of its “conservative” voices on its OpEd page.  But I’m just not certain that’s really true, or it’s just an urban legend in the media.


But her extreme Anti-Trump vituperative missives on Twitter might have reached an all-time high earlier today when she wrote the following:

Operators of Hitler’s concentration camps established a practice of tattooing an inmate’s camp entry number on their left forearm. Initially, in Auschwitz, the camp numbers were sewn on the clothes; with the increased death rate, it became difficult to identify corpses, since clothes were removed from corpses. Therefore, the medical personnel started to write the numbers on the corpses’ chests with indelible ink. Difficulties increased in 1941 when Soviet prisoners of war came in masses, and the first few thousand tattoos were applied to them. This was done with a special stamp with the numbers to be tattooed composed of needles.

If Rubin believes it is so important to be able to identify and ostracize people who disagree with her politically, on an issue as fundamental as the absence of partisan political influence in the processes of conducting elections, it seems to me that some form of permanent mark applied to the forehead of offenders she identifies as deserving of such treatment would make the physical maintenance of the kind of list she advocates unnecessary.  After all, she could lose her purse with her list inside, or spill coffee on it each morning as she adds names based on her hours of reading the Twitter feeds of suspected Jew Trump sympathizers.


If any so-stigmatized offender was caught attempting to hide their “label” with makeup or some other form of camouflage, they could be sent to re-education camps set up in downtown in San Francisco where Nancy Pelosi’s supporters can help them get their “minds right” with the new political reality.

Or maybe in Los Angeles:

By all means, Ms. Rubin, let’s have no discussion about whether the election processes that may have “selected” Joe Biden — a candidate with obvious neurological deficits.  The outcome will almost certainly result in a Presidency for Kamala Harris once the Intelligence Community makes it known to Congress how badly Biden is compromised by the Chinese — Dems in Congress really want Harris anyway so no one will be too upset over the switch.

Let’s not spend a moment wondering if the processes that will deliver us a Harris Administration to shape the direction of the country over the next four years were fairly conducted by the overt partisans who were in charge of those processes in the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  If I recall correctly, no one on the left was critical of Katherine Harris in 2000 when she certified that George W. Bush had won in Florida.  There were no liberal groups decrying her partisanship and blaming her for “selecting” Bush as President.

Same with the Supreme Court in 2000.

Maybe it’s simply a fear of what the discovery process in civil litigation or the grand jury process in criminal investigations of election fraud might uncover that makes any resort to the Courts as a basis for inclusion on your list.  Such factual development of a record with testimony under oath might make it more difficult to repeat the process again in 2022 and 2024 with similar results.


With properly applied and monitored tattoos to the foreheads, we can certainly shut-off the possible debate by those whom Rubin believes to not be worthy of having their thoughts and views on the subject considered.  If they persist nonetheless, I’m sure the Harris Administration Department of Group Think can space in various Democrat strongholds around the country where such offenders can be sent to for re-education and “wokeness” training.



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