The Democrat Party Endgame of a Failed Campaign Strategy -- Delegitimize a Trump Win and Seek to Force a Resignation

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Ummm — wrong guy to make that a workable plan.

But when your bluff is called, sometimes the urge to upend the table is just too strong to resist.

Democrat Party leaders have become increasingly nervous in recent days.


Joe Biden has always been a bad candidate.  He’s a 77-year-old white male with a history of overt racism and terrible policy positions given where the Democrat Party finds itself in 2020.  He’s gone beyond the stage of early dementia and is physically not fit to perform the function of POTUS on the 24/7 basis the job demands.  In the final stages of the election season, it became obvious to everyone the level of crass venality that infects – probably for a very long time – his public “service.”

The only reason he’s the presidential candidate of the Democrat Party is the unacceptability of the alternatives to Black voters in South Carolina, and the refusal of the DNC establishment to allow Bernie Sanders to win the nomination.

Given all his flaws, the Democrat Party leaders knew Biden could not “win” the election – their game plan all along has been to “hope” Pres. Trump would “lose” his re-election, and the only real campaign issue would be “COVID, COVID, COVID” with the mainstream press communicating the campaign’s message while Biden stayed mostly out of public view.

This strategy played itself out over the past 90 days seemingly according to the game plan that was settled on out of necessity.  Complicit media pollsters and pundits did their part, projecting their wishes and preferred outcomes onto the public in order to drive the campaign’s narrative – “Orange Man Bad” and millions of GOP voters will correct the error they made four years ago.


Their effort was aided by the late-September diagnosis of Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania as having contracted COVID.  The pollsters jumped on the development, and before you know it Pres. Trump was down 10 points and falling in all the public “polls” put forth by the media hucksters.

But then he got better – fast – and hit the campaign trail in a manner NEVER before seen for a president in his mid-70s.  That halted his slide in the “polls”, and he slowly climbed back into the race – although I’m confident he never really fell back.

But the hand the Democrat Party was bluffing with was exposed in the last presidential debate and the 72 hours that followed.  While the media and punditry rushed in like a “cut-man” and tried to close the wounds, the bludgeoning was unmistakable and tens of millions of debate viewers saw exactly what the Democrat Party was offering them as its choice.

And Biden gave up the key “video moment” when he said he was planning to “transition away from oil.”  Hundreds of thousands – maybe millions – of likely voters in swing states saw their jobs evaporating in the ad campaign from the Trump camp that followed within 24 hours.

The final debate was on a Thursday night.  The Biden camp spent Friday and Saturday trying to put the “Green New Deal” genie back in the bottle.  But there was just too much video from the primaries – from both Biden and Harris — that the Trump campaign could now link to the general campaign.


After two days of getting destroyed over the issue, and trying to backpedal from the video, on Sunday the Biden camp announced a “lid” on the remaining nine days before the election – Joe Biden would make no further live appearances at campaign events.  Joe Biden and the Democrat Party would finish the campaign the way they started – out of sight and with the media chanting “COVID COVID COVID” in the closing days of the campaign.  Surely, the “lead” would be sustaining for a week, and the media would nurse Biden across the finish line.

But Biden was never ahead by 10+ points – that has been a media-driven myth for 90 days.  And 48 hours after announcing the “lid”, the Biden camp lit the “Warning Beacons of Gondor” and announced a hastily assembled series of campaign stops for Biden over the campaign’s final seven days.

If Joe Biden was leading the race by anything resembling the public “polls” the media kept pumping out, the DNC would have kept him in the basement as had been the plan all along.  But they chose to risk sending him out on the campaign trail – now exposed to the toxicity of the contents of Hunter’s laptop as well as his Green New Deal boasting.

How is THAT a winning strategy??

It’s not.  It’s a strategy for a campaign that knows it is behind and time is running out. It’s a strategy for a campaign that knows SOMETHING needs to change, and that won’t happen with Biden hiding in his basement and marking off days on the calendar.


In the last 72 hours, the vibe from the Biden camp and media has turned nervous and negative.  Stories of lower than expected voter turnout among key demographics – young voters and younger black males – have morphed from “concerns” over the past few weeks to actually seeing them play out in the reality of the early voting numbers. States thought to maybe be in play as part of a loss of historic proportions for a sitting President (Jimmy Carter? — come on),  suddenly began to slip away with early numbers.  States Trump won by razor-thin margins in 2016 and thought to be safely back in the Democrat column became the battlegrounds for dueling campaign tops over the final seven days.

That sense of foreboding coming from the Democrat loyalists was exactly the opposite of what was coming from the GOP and Trump supporters after the debate.

And then there was Iowa.  A small state where the science of polling the state’s electorate has been absolutely rock-solid for many election cycles in a row.  Iowa is a bellwether state in the sense that it has a history of electing both Democrats and Republicans in statewide races, and it has swung back and forth between Democrat and Republican candidates for President.

Twice in recent history, Iowa has been lost by an incumbent President, and each time the challenger won nationally – Bill Clinton beat Pres. Bush 41 in 1992, and Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in 1980.


Three days ago, the final Des Moines Register poll had Pres. Trump maintaining his level of support from late September at 48%.

Joe Biden’s level of support declined from 47% to 41%.

Joe Biden’s lead with female voters dropped from 20% in September to 11%.

“Oh, it’s just an outlier” came the explanations.  Wrong.  The DMR poll has always been solid because the methodology for polling Iowa doesn’t require so many assumptions about what turnout will be on election day.

There is no reason to conclude the movement reflected in the Iowa electorate does not extend to other surrounding states with similar demographics like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

If Joe Biden loses this election, the Democrat Party — with hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in a war chest — will begin an effort to contest the vote-counting in a dozen or more states and claim that pre-election efforts by the GOP to “suppress” Democrat voter turnout is the reason for Biden’s loss.  They will look for every opportunity to drag the controversy up to and past January 21, 2021.

The gambit will be to force Donald Trump to resign on a manufactured claim that he “stole” the election through vote manipulation. They will be playing for time, while Biden and his press surrogates create the next narrative that Donald Trump’s re-election was invalid.  “Count every vote” will be the mantra that replaces “COVID COVID COVID”.


But they have the wrong opponent if they think DonaldTrump will be cowed into caving-in to their demands.  So the real endgame is likely an appeal to the NeverTrumpers to join with the Democrats to undermine every aspect of a second term.



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