Large Crowd and Much Action Between Feds and Protesters in Portland -- Video Highlights

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
AP featured image
Federal agents, Portland


The protesting has been sporadic in Portland for more than a month.  But usually on Saturday night there is an uptick in the number of protesters, and last night was no exception.


As a bonus, the protesters targeted an ICE facility, which brought the federal agents out to play — including the BORTAC group from ICE.

The crowd arrived at the ICE facility carrying dozens of balloons, with the intention to tie them to the gates.

After just a few moments, federal agents appeared and moved the protesters away from the building using a combination of pepper balls and a significant new spray device.


At this point the action ended up mostly in the streets near the facility.

The feds seem to have a new tear gas distributing fogger as well, likely in response to the protesters’ tactics of employing battery powered leaf blowers to dissipate tear gas.

Reportedly a good time was had by all.



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