Shooter At Pro-Trump Rally in Denver Has Longstanding Ties to Left-Wing Protest Groups

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A supporter waves a flag prior to a campaign rally for President Trump at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)



Social media sleuths have uncovered the name of the shooter in the murder of a “Patriot Muster” Rally attendee in Denver on Saturday.  Online booking records for the Denver Police Department show only one person arrested for First Degree murder on October 10, 2020, and his name is Matthew Dolloff.

His identity has now been confirmed by the Denver television station that hired him for security.  More on that below.

The identity of the victim has now been confirmed by his family.  The NY Post reports:

The son of a protester gunned down by a security guard during a Denver rally is having a hard time coping after witnessing his father’s death, the dead man’s sister told The Post Sunday.

“He was there,” Suzan Keltner said in a telephone interview. Asked if her nephew was doing okay, she said, “No, no he’s not.”

Lee Keltner, a hat-maker, and military vet, was part of a “Patriot Rally” outside the Denver Art Museum when he was shot and killed by a Pinkerton guard hired by a local TV station.

“He was my brother, my only sibling,” Suzan Keltner said. “He also served our country.”

Here is a YouTube video of Keltner on his business making western style hats.

Some websites are already canvassing the shooter’s social media history and his numerous expressions of support for various left-wing causes — which is extremism seeming to have increased in recent years.  One of the first social media messages connecting him to left-wing groups was his confirmation that he would be attending an “Occupy Denver” protest rally in 2011.  He’s also a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders on social media.


This next image is interesting — he provides a link in his social media profile to “”  If you go to that website, you see the name of the enterprise is actually “Sub.Mission Agency”, which is some kind of sound or audio company in the Denver areas. When you open their page in web browser, the tab at the top includes the same little Space Invaders character as tattooed on his Dolloff’s wrist.

The company also sells merchandise with the Space Invader Character.

Sub.Mission also has a history in the Denver area of supporting various left-wing protest activities.


It seems to be somewhat inconclusive at this point whether the “Space Invaders” tattoo is an expression of the “Space Invaders Against Racism” group, which is led by an Antifa supporter, or whether it has been independently adopted by the Denver audio company as just a generic “artist industry” symbol in support of left-wing protest activities.  One clue suggests it is really just a coincidence as some photographs on his Facebook page dated in 2013 show the presence of the tattoo — long before Antifa came to have the level of prominence it has today.

But the claim of “coincidence” is made somewhat harder to accept when you see Twitter accounts Dolloff follows, many of which are numerous left-wing protest groups:

There is another interesting screen grab off Twitter.  Dolloff was providing “security” for members of a news crew from the local 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate in Denver.  The crew seemed to be trailing the BLM protester who is captured in a 45-second video in the heated dispute with several members of the Patriot Muster Rally group.  Here is the video of the encounter that ends with the shooting.  Warning, the video is very graphic:


One of the 9NEWS station reporters who covers protests in Denver — but it’s not clear if he was covering yesterday’s protest — is identified as Kyle Clark.  Here is the interesting screen grab regarding Kyle Clark and a reference to the 9NEWS crew traveling with a security team:


A reporter following an Antifa group on Twitter isn’t that big an issue — they make news, and any reporter would want to know what such a group is saying on social media.  But the second screen grab is interesting where the account “Saytheirnames6” says “Kyle would be 100% safe. Because we protect us and Kyle is one of us.”

That exchange is just 3 days prior to the shooting.  A reporter from the same station, who normally leads the news crew in the field is “one of us” according to “Saytheirnames6”, which is a locked Twitter account clearly associated with Black Lives Matter, and with a link to on its Twitter homepage.  And the station’s news crew is following around a BLM agitator as he creates video for them.


So the station’s news crew on Saturday is following around a BLM agitator as he creates video for them.   The news station hires Pinkerton security, and it’s just a coincidence that the guy they get has long-time associations with left-wing protest movements in the Denver area?

I suspect there will be more to this story as the next few days unfold.




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