Wild Saturday Night in Portland -- Locals and Feds Involved in Serious Video Highlights

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Molotov cocktail was thrown at Portland police.


Maybe it was just Antifa/BLM’s way of registering their unhappiness with Pres. Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, or maybe it was their inability to get in some good physical exercise with the Proud Boys on Saturday afternoon, but on Saturday night in downtown Portland, they laid themselves out on the line for the night’s festivities.  And the federal, state, and local police who showed up just laid them out.


Here are a couple of videos from earlier in the afternoon taken of the dueling rallies of Proud Boys and BLM/Antifa.  Gov. Kate Brown declared a “State of Emergency” earlier in connection with a fear of anticipated violence at the event, which contributed to some unintended consequences later in the night in downtown.

But alas, while the Proud Boys faded from the scene, BLM/Antifa just knew that a “peaceful” day of protesting wasn’t enough for their folks.


The problem was that Kate Brown had already declared a “State of Emergency” for the City of Portland.  There was no “lawful” protesting on Saturday night.  Every assembly was subject to police intervention, “peaceful” or not.  So that led to a lot of this:




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