Louisville Turns Violent As Darkness Falls -- Gunfire and Violent Street Mobs Doing Damage

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Louisville police detain a a group who marched, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020, in Louisville, Ky. A grand jury has indicted one officer on criminal charges six months after Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police in Kentucky. The jury presented its decision against fired officer Brett Hankison Wednesday to a judge in Louisville, where the shooting took place. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


As I was going through various video clips, and trying to assemble them in some rough chronological order to depict how events unfolded, I found myself working from the mindset I’ve developed going through similar videos from Portland.  The sequencing is usually the same — protestors marching and chanting in large groups, followed by smaller groups of agitators doing dumb stuff like umbrella parades and shield walls, and then come the hardcore agitators who want to go nose-to-nose with the police.  The “tit-for-tat” game of of cat & mouse played out in the streets of Portland until the Portland law enforcement authorities declared an “unlawful assembly”, a couple dozen arrests were made, the remaining protesters leaked away, and the scene returned to normal 4-5 hours after everyting started.  This went on night after night in Portland, while residents and business in the areas of the riots suffered.

So I spent time looking through the videos from Louisville tonight and I suddenly had the thought that has ocurred to me from time to time in looking at activities in other cities — Kentucky isn’t Oregon, and Louisville isn’t Kentucky.

As this point in time, the videos reflected below show that Kentucky law enforcement planned for how they would address the aftermath of the announcements concerning the killing of Breonna Taylor.  As you can see for yourself, the Louisville Police, assisted by several other state and federal agencies, were ready to deal with rioting from the very start.  The broke up the groups where necessary and made arrests.  They let the peaceful protesters march, but anything that went beyond that met with a forceful police response. As a result, at least up to this point, the any “organized” rioting is being held to a minimum.


One the gun play started, the police responded in a reasonable fashion – they brought out theirs.


Now there are reports of at least one more shooting with Louisville Police officers being the victims.


Seeing a lot of videos from protests taking place around the country.  Will probably to one more roundup later.  Unlikely to focus just on Louisville — there’s always Portland you know.


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