Rioting Has Already Begun in the Streets of Louisville After Announcement of No Charges in Shooting of Breonna Taylor

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People gather in Jefferson Square awaiting word on charges against police officers, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020, in Louisville, Ky. A grand jury has indicted one officer on criminal charges six months after Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police in Kentucky. The jury presented its decision against fired officer Brett Hankison Wednesday to a judge in Louisville, where the shooting took place. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


As Red State reported here, earlier today the Kentucky Attorney General, David Cameron, announced that the three Louisville Police Department officers would not face charges specifically connected to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor on March 13, 2020, during the execution of a search warrant for her apartment.  One officer was charged with a Class “D” felony for discharging his firearm in a wantonly dangerous manner in that he did not have any specific target identified, and rounds fired by him penetrated the common walls between apartments and entered an adjoining apartment.

Within minutes after the decision was announced, protests began to organize on the streets of Louisville, with community agitation having been stoked for months by BLM and left-wing agitators who have continually misrepresented what happened on the night Taylor was shot.  Some of the most egregious and flagrant mischaracterizations claimed she was shot while sleeping in her bed in a quasi-execution style attack by the police.  This distorted misinformation has been amplified by media outlets notwithstanding the fact that various items of actual evidence from the investigation — including nearly 1200 crime scene photographs — were released to the press.  Witnesses interviewed by various media outlets have also contradicted the distortions of the episode, but with little impact on those who don’t really care to know the actual facts.


In anticipation that this would be the announcement, the Mayor of Louisville issued an emergency declaration yesterday, and the Kentucky National Guard appeared in Louisville ahead of the announcements.  Members of the Louisville Police Department and other nearby agencies have also taken steps to cordon off certain areas of the City in an effort to keep protesters in a defined geographic area in order to better maintain crowd-control and minimize the chances of “rioting” developing as part of the protests.

Remember that Kentucky is an “open carry” state, and just a couple weeks ago at the Kentucky Derby, you had a large contingent of BLM supporters appear at Churchill Downs carrying long guns to “protect” the protesters there that day.  It’s likely that there will be firearms displayed at some point today/tonight.

But as shown below, only so much could be done, and “rioters” are determined to have their day.  Several video-streamers are on the scene, and below are some of the earliest videos that are becoming available.

Some of these early images seem to be from a residential area.  I have no information as to where, or why they started there, but it would be logical to assume the original protests might have come near the apartment building where Taylor was killed.



But Julio Rosas of our sister-entity noted in this Tweet that large numbers of police seemed to be on the move towards downtown.

These videos are nowing appearing up of protest activity in the downtown area.  The interactions between protestors and police are pretty provocative, and I don’t see how the lid will stay on this situation in the hours ahead if this level of agitation is maintained.  I’m not even sure the BLM/Antifa forces are even in place yet — and by that I mean the professional agitators who are generally the spark for when protests turn violent.


Louisville PD has now declared the protests and “unlawful assembly” and everyone is subject to arrest for “failure to disperse” when ordered.  This will get ugly from here.



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