Portland Riot Night 100 -- Police Seem to Celebrate More Than the Rioters Unless Being Beaten Is Form of Celebration

AP Photo/Noah Berger


Today marked the 100th night of rioting in Portland. Flyers passed out around downtown Portland advertised the anniversary, and a larger than normal crowd — even for a Saturday night  — was on hand.

But the Portland Police and Oregon State Police were well aware of the significance of the date, and appeared to have extra personnel on hand.  And in a smart strategic and practical move, they acted first and acted early to disrupt whatever “celebration” plans the rioters had in mind.  The police made several pushes into the protesters, split them into two groups headed different directions, ordered them off a city street, and then declared a “riot” when they failed to disperse.

Once the police began making “bull rushes” and making numerous arrests, the rioters began to melt away.

Here’s a better video of Rioters lighting one of their own on fire.  Unconfirmed reports are that he asked about the process for joining the Oregon State Police in time for tomorrow night — payback.

Just to confirm — the Antifa Rioter MORON threw a Molotov Cocktail from out of the crowd in the direction of the police line, only to come up woefully short and land among the rioters in the very front, causing the following:

Don’t wear cotton socks next time — they absorb flammable liquids quite nicely.