Unlike Thursday Night After The President's Speech, DC Police Take Control of the Streets on Saturday

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With the White House in the background, a line of police forms behind a fence in Lafayette Park as demonstrators gather to protest the death of George Floyd, Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


President Trump should direct Attorney General Barr tomorrow to explore all legal avenues to suspend DC “Home Rule” and curtail the authority of Mayor Muriel Bowser in any legal fashion.

Two nights ago, after Pres. Trump’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for President in the 2020 election, the following was allowed to happen to persons who had attended the event at the White House and then needed to exit to their vehicles through a gauntlet of Antifa/BLM/Democrat Party protesters:

DC Mayor Bowser is clearly making distinct choices with regard to how she chooses to deploy the forces of the Metropolitan Police Department that is under her authority.  She chooses to not have the police act when the failure to act works to the disadvantage of the President.  Then she reverses course when she needs a stronger show of force to protect her own interests in getting reelected.

Washington DC is a federal enclave.  The fact of “Home Rule” is the result of Congressional action in 1973.  The government of Washington DC remains under the supervision of the federal government — mostly Congressional oversight.  But the District is also subject to the issuance of Executive orders by the President, and given that it is a federal enclave he could deploy military resources in the District for the purposes of enforcing the law.  He could likely take over control of the DC Police Department as well, and place it under the supervision of DOJ.


There was a demonstration tonight of the duplicity of Mayor Bowswer, when you compare her failure to take any meaningful action on Thursday night.  There were protesters back on the streets of DC Saturday night in the area around the White House. There was no event taking place at the White House, there were not hundreds of men and women in attendance who then needed to exit the event to the streets of DC.  But here is what the DC Metropolitan Police Department was directed to do tonight — unlike Thursday night when their presence in the area was noticeably absent.  All likely because of complaints by merchants about the problems being caused for their business.



Muriel Bowswer is a corrupt politician in a federal enclave who is playing politics with public safety.  Pres. Trump should step in and put and end to her antics.


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