Antifa Portland Acting Like Jealous Girlfriend -- "Who Is Kenosha And Where Did You Meet Her?"

Antifa Portland Acting Like Jealous Girlfriend -- "Who Is Kenosha And Where Did You Meet Her?"
AP Photo/Noah Berger


This is how people end up dead.

Use of deadly force is authorized if the officer is in reasonable fear for his life or the life of others, or fears possible serious bodily injury.  The latter can be the result of non-lethal force used against the officer.  That means he doesn’t have to wait for you to use a gun or knife against him.  He’s allowed to use deadly force in any situation where he fears serious injury as a result of your actions.  So when a group of Antifa idiots decide to attack two officers as they make an arrest, they become legitimate targets of deadly force in self-defense. These officers chose to release the suspect and retreat — they didn’t have to do that.

Apparently this “de-arrest” strategy is being used with increasing frequency.  This will eventually end badly.

You can see in many of these videos tonight that the Portland PD officers are starting to lose their patience with the antics of protesters.  The “Press” credentials are meaningless.  You hear one officer on a video talking about how the “Press” — the same people night after night — quickly assemble as a shield when proters break contact with the police and run.  You can hear references to their magical unicorn TRO issued from a federal judge that the Press believes dictates what the officers can and cannot do.  The attitude of the officers is disdainful, to say the least.

The level of violence on both sides seemed a bit more subdued than has been true the past three months.  It might just be that protesters in Portland were caught up watching the images coming out of Kenosha, and many stayed away from rioting tonight because of that.

There was a long article in today’s Oregon Public Broadcasting on the “plan-less” approach taken by Mayor Ted Wheeler last month in an effort to shift the momentum away from further violence.

I hope to do a breakdown of that story later.


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