BREAKING NEWS: Evolving Story Coming out of Afternoon Clash in Portland Between Antifa/BLM and "Back The Blue"

AP Photo/Noah Berger


Video is just starting to hit Twitter of a potentially explosive confrontation that seems to be underway in downtown Portland today between the regular Antifa/BLM rioters, and a group of counter-protesters who have showed up with American Flags and with signs expressing support for the police.

The identity of the counter-protesters remains unclear at this point, although there are some indicates that the right-wing group “Proud Boys” are involved.

Here is a video from around Noon on Saturday showing the presence of the counter-protesters downtown.  Notably absent from any of the videos I have seen are any police uniforms.

Adding to the volatility of the situation, several individuals armed with AR-15 type assault rifles slung over their shoulders appear in support of the counter-protesters.

But once the presence of the counter-protesters became more wide-known, the Antifa/BLM rioters began to grow in numbers.

Eventually, the two-sides clashed in substantial numbers due to the absence of Portland Police in sufficient numbers to keep them apart.

The number of counter-protesters shown initially to be on the street does not seem sufficient to have “pushed” into Chapman Square Park which is across the street from the Portland Justice Center.  The fact that they did so, and the video of the confrontation, suggests that the number of counter-protesters grew substantially from the few dozen seen initially waiving American flags.

At least one BLM Snack Van was put to rest.

Nearly an hour after it began, it looks like Department of Homeland Security emerged from the Federal Courthouse and began to lead the “Back the Blue” group away.