Hot and Heavy Video From Portland Tonight -- Different From the Hot and Heavy Courtroom Video in Florida Earlier Today

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A demonstrator kicks back a tear gas canister back at federal officers during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


I’ve posted these videos several nights in a row now, generally with some form of mocking humor directed at the rioters and taking my share of shots at Mayor Ted Wheeler along the way.

But the actions of the Portland Police Department since Saturday night really raise several “WTF” questions about the pathetic politically-driven decision by Mayor Wheeler to take no action for weeks while rioters in downtown Portland attacked the federal courthouse night after night.

The action tonight shifted to the area around the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct Station.  Wall Of Moms was out with the rioters.

Among the first efforts made was to take down barriers covering the front windows of the Precinct Station, and then attempts were made to break into the station.

Not long after that, a very large show of force on behalf of the Portland PD appeared on the streets, a riot was declared, and then it looked like “The Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona — with Portland PD being the bulls, and the idiot rioters being the people running ahead of them trying to not get stomped to death.



It seems pretty obvious the “fun and games” are over now in Portland.  Portland PD is more aggressive and more violent in dealing with the rioters in the street than the federal agents at the courthouse ever dreamed of being.  This is what the rioters have been asking for night after night — or maybe they just wanted the media to THINK this is what they wanted.  My guess is many are starting to wake up each morning questioning “Why am I still doing this?”

Mayor Wheeler was a cheerleader for the rioting when the federal building was the target and the media was painting the federal agents as jack-booted thugs.  He took the time to join the rioters one night, addressing the crowd before the night’s festivities got underway, and then joined the “front-line” shock-troops at the fence around the federal courthouse.  A short time later he was having to be rescued from his “friends” by a group of 6-7 bodyguards who went everywhere with him that night.


Now, only 10 days or so later, and he has the Portland PD he controls gassing and chasing rioters in the streets.

What changed?

The rioters left the federal building.  One reason they left was because the feds started arresting people, and the US Attorney started charging them.  More than 50 people now face federal charges — not a local DA prone to just kick’em loose and drop their cases.

So they went to the suburbs, and now they are attacking police precinct houses.  Mayor Wheeler didn’t want to join them there tonight.

Or maybe that was him in the behind the police line with a bullhorn in his hand shouting the instructions to “Charge!”


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