Omnibus: The Avalanches of DC Money Are All Problems - No Solutions

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Shocker: DC’s latest spending disaster — is a disaster.


Sweeping Spending Increases Are Set to Become Law With the Senate’s Approval of a $1.5T Omnibus Package:

“Domestic agencies will see a collective 6.7% budget increase as lawmakers avoid shutdown.”

Does anyone not related to someone working for the government think the government hasn’t already been doing enough to screw up everything?  And that we need the government to do 6.7 percent more tomorrow than it was doing yesterday?

And it’s not like we have a debt problem or anything.  Oh, wait….

America’s National Debt Surpasses $30 Trillion for the First Time

And it’s not like we have an inflation problem or anything.  Oh, wait….

Inflation Rises 7.9% in February, a New 40-Year High

More good news?  That inflation rate doesn’t reflect DC’s latest spending disaster.

The Real Cause of Inflation Is Insane Government Spending

And looming on the horizon?  Even more good news….

Social Security & Medicare Shortfalls Exceed $100 Trillion Over 30 Years

Good thing we’re squirreling away lots of money to address all of this debt.  I kid — I’m a kidder.

Not only can’t we afford to pay for all of this government — we can’t afford the damage done by all of this government.

Because more government means more problems, not less.

How the Infrastructure Bill’s $65 Billion in Broadband Spending Will Be Doled Out


Can you guess how the government money will be doled out?  If you guessed very, very stupidly and destructively, you are correct.

GOP Slams Overbuild Threat in Treasury Broadband Framework:

“‘(T)he final rule will allow SLFRF recipients to fund projects in areas where broadband service is already or will be available – while continuing to leave truly unserved areas in our states without access to broadband.’”

Government wasting our money connecting people already connected?  The heck you say.

And from the Wishful Thinking Department….

Stringent Oversight Necessary to Avoid Broadband Funding Duplication

Because government has a long and storied history of providing “stringent oversight” — most especially of itself.

Fifty Examples of Government Waste

Where’s The Pork? U.S. Taxpayers Funded a Lot Of Wasteful Spending

Outrageous Things Your Taxes Actually Paid For

And we’ve already secured some analysis of the disaster that is the omnibus spending bill….

Here Are Just Some of the Many Outrageous Items in Congress’s New Spending Bill

So we’re all sure government will spend every penny of the $65 billion in broadband money wisely and well, right?  Right?

Oh: And it’s bad enough we have government over-taxing and over-regulating private business.  Now we will have even more governments over-taxing, over-regulating, and COMPETING WITH private business.


There are government broadband providers sprinkled awfully around the country.  Meaning private providers have to compete…with the government that is also taxing and regulating them.  That ain’t fair.  That’s the baseball umpire also pitching for the other team.

And shocker: Government broadband providers are awful at providing broadband.

Broadband Boondoggles:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Explore the map to learn about the massive debt, waste and broken promises left behind by these failed government networks.”

Government has been so awful for so long, even some state governments have legislatively acknowledged the obvious.

The State of State Preemption – Seventeen is the Number:

“In years past, states have implemented preemptive laws that make it more difficult or impossible for communities to build their own Internet networks.”

By “communities” they mean governments.

Do these decades of past government failures affect future government actions?  Heavens no.  Does DC care about federalism — and the right of states and localities to govern themselves?  Heavens no.

Biden’s Municipal Broadband Push Clashes With State Restrictions:

“President Biden’s transformative push to expand internet service by treating broadband more like a public utility is on a collision course with laws in 17 states.

“And, the potential conflict is raising questions about whether his administration is willing to use federal infrastructure dollars to twist the arms of mostly Republican-run states to change laws they have on the books restricting municipal broadband projects.

“The states argue that these types of laws are needed to protect taxpayers and prevent government overreach.”


I can’t imagine how those states reached that conclusion.

And of course: DC isn’t satisfied with just running over state and local governments.  They are also looking to end-run Congress.  To screw us with policies so stupid even Congress won’t pass them.

Democrats Suggest Broadband Subsidies Be Used to Promote Net Neutrality

Because please remember: Congress has never passed a law instructing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose Net Neutrality.

Which is how things are supposed to work: Congress passes a law telling an agency to do something — and only then does the agency do it.

We’ve been ping-ponging back and forth on this Net Neutrality idiocy because unelected FCC bureaucrats — untethered to any precedent law — have been unilaterally imposing it.

And now, yet again, we have elected officials ducking their Constitutional legislative duty.  And, yet again, being exceedingly authoritarian.  Demanding policies they can’t pass be jammed through by bureaucrats.  Using the abusive power of the latest massive pile of money DC just avalanched down upon us.

Which is yet another problem caused by government money.  He who has the gold makes the rules.  With DC throwing around these massive sums?  It can elicit all sorts of illegal things — done in exchange for the bribe coin.


And can we guess who will get the lion’s share of all of this DC money?  DC’s biggest cronies, of course.  Starting with — state and local governments.

All of the above is antithetical to a representative, republican government.  Which is what we are supposed to be enjoying – but we long ago gave up.  And this lawless, bloated, authoritarian nightmare mess arose to take its place.

And it is destroying us.



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