Democrats' Climate Change Predictions May Not Materialize - but Their Taxes Undoubtedly Will

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Sports coaches preach having “no memory.”  Meaning you have to forget your mistakes.

A football quarterback has to forget his last pass was an interception.  Because he needs to think about his next pass.


Most unfortunately, some of the least athletic people on the planet have taken this sports axiom to heart.  And unlike in sports — they demand we don’t remember either.

Behold the Democrats and their “imminent doom” climate change predictions.

It is quite possible there has never been a more error-prone business than the climate alarmism prediction business.

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

As the article demonstrates, Big Media has long been doing its part.  It has spent the last half-century jamming climate alarmism down our throats.  Trying to have us forget about the last failed prediction — by immediately pivoting to the next failed prediction.  No memory, remember?

A fun part of Big Media: They incessantly lie to us — and then poll us to see if the lies have taken.  And then they lie about the poll results when their lies haven’t taken.

But Big Media doesn’t have to conduct the poll themselves.  They’ll happily lie in support of other leftists polling and lying about it.

Progressive Pollster: 65 Percent of Likely Voters Would Back Polluters Tax

It’s a progressive pollster, so…

The progressive pollster and Big Media lyingly mash together two very different groups of respondents:

“A survey of likely voters found that 77 percent believe fossil fuel companies have “a lot” or “some” responsibility to address climate change, including 86 percent of Democratic respondents, 66 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of independents.

“When pollsters described a proposal to levy a $500 billion fee against major creators of emissions like Exxon, BP, Shell and Chevron, respondents “strongly” or “somewhat” supported such a measure, 65 percent to 25 percent. This included 83 percent of Democrats and 65 percent of independents in support.”


I have “a lot” of interest — and am “strongly” interested — in five million dollars.  I have “some” interest — and am “somewhat” interested — in five dollars.  Lumping these two groups together is a lie.  The actual breakout reveals the hugeness of the lie.

43% of all voters say energy companies have “a lot” of responsibility.  The rest (34%) say “some responsibility.”  So in fact a strong majority of voters agree that fossil fuel companies bear no — or a little — responsibility for the fake premise that is “climate change.”

And the “a lot” alarmist number is almost entirely made up of Democrats.  They’re at 62% — compared to 39% of independents and 24% of Republicans.

So the entire presentation of this poll is a lie.

Of course, Big Media does nothing in a vacuum.  Everything they do is in support of everything other Leftists-Democrats are doing.

And, of course, Leftists-Democrats never allow facts to get in the way of a good beating.  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” — no matter how fake and un-serious the “crisis.”

This fake story on a fake poll on real taxes imposed in the name of fake “climate change” follows immediately on the heels of Democrats proposing real taxes in the name of fake “climate change.”

Why should a half-century of climate alarmism being very, very wrong get in the way of Democrats really taxing the crap out of us in the name of climate alarmism?  No memory, remember?


Senate Democrats to Introduce Measure Taxing Major Polluters:

“Senate Democrats are set to unveil legislation that would tax energy companies responsible for major greenhouse gas emissions to pay for the costs of climate disasters.”

Never mind the fact that the biggest climate disaster predictions over fifty-plus years have never actually happened.

Never mind the fact that taxing real energy producers means they will have to pass along the taxes to us…the real energy users.

So we will pay a lot more for energy — and government will get a lot more of our money.

Which does nothing for the climate.

But does a lot for government.

Of course, they’re hoping we’ll forget all of this.



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