Versus China: Some Technologies Are Commercial Interests - and National Security Imperatives

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And that means the government participating – where it ordinarily should not.

We less government types are loathe to see government do anything on anything of a private sector, commercial nature.


The private sector does just fine all by itself, thank you.  In fact, it does better and better the less government involves itself.

Where things get sideways – is when a commercial endeavor also inherently possesses national security implications.  These hybrid products and services – require a hybrid private-public approach.

You’ll note we placed the private – afore the public.  Because the private should nigh always be in the lead.  But as things get increasingly digital – more things fall into this hybrid category.

To wit: Old school “dumb” cellular phones – ones that didn’t connect to the Internet – were much less of a national security problem. Smart phones, however, are national-security-nightmare treasure troves of data and information.

These days, the least used app on your phone – is your phone app.  You’re engaged in all sorts of online activities that require massive security – and can result in massive losses should breaches occur.

Plus, the country that is first to the next network – gets to set the global standards for it.  The United States has led to each new level – up to and including 3G (Third Generation) and 4G.

We are on the verge of 5G – and the only two countries poised to possibly set the standards are US…and Communist China.  Starting to see the national security implications?


Oh – and 5G will beget the Internet of Things.  Where millions of inanimate objects – and all of that data – will be added to our networks.  Starting to see the national security implications?

Speaking of Communist China: Our half-century-long myopic fixation on the commercial – at the expense of national security – has led us to have myriad national security-related products being developed and manufactured…in Communist China.

Cheaper ain’t always better.

As we have just yet again seen with the China Virus FREAK OUT!!!

China Manufacturing of Most US Medicine and Vitamins Poses Security Threat

You think?  Because then this happens….

Chinese Media Says Country Could Withhold Medication from U.S.


Unfortunately, we have many vital, national-security-related industries – buried neck deep in Sino-land.

And it is here that we remind: The US improving its economic security – is a national security imperative.  A nation with large belts of its interior rusting or rusted – is hardly secure…in any sense.

If we can improve our status…at the expense of China – so much the better.

How to Bring Manufacturing Home to the U.S. From China:

“One of the only ways the U.S. can ‘beat’ China post-coronavirus isn’t in a roaring stock market where most Americans aren’t making their fortunes, or their livelihoods. It’s in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.”


And as we attempt to reimport our stuff – it’s at least as important that we stop importing China’s.

We Should Sell to – But Not Buy From – Communist China

How China’s Huawei Took the Lead over U.S. Companies in 5G Technology:

“Trump wants to avoid business with Chinese tech firms, but no American company makes the same wireless equipment.”

What we allowed China to do – was subsidize the daylight out of Huawei’s production of tech hardware for a certain segment of the wireless network.

To the point where nigh everyone else stopped making competing hardware – because they would only lose big money to the subsidized Huawei stuff.  Huawei was thereby handed a near monopoly – on one vital link in the wireless chain.

So even if we get to 5G first (and this headline is misleading, China only leads in 5G in this one area) – China will still have its mitts on one key component of the network.

All of this – brings us to our hybrid private-public model on things commercial and national security.  Where we must have government money – to clean up national security messes created by our decades-long, myopic fixation on the commercial.

Congress Gives Small ISPs $1 Billion to Rip Out Huawei, ZTE Network Gear


(ZTE is another Chinese company – with which we shouldn’t be doing business.)

But ripping out Huawei – only solves half the problem.  As stated above – we don’t really have any real replacements.  So….

A Tech Solution to a Communist China 5G Monopoly Problem

5G’s New Twist: Build with Software Instead of Hardware:

“The group and other backers of leaning harder on software hope to see 5G networks handle some functions virtually and to create open standards and technical specifications that would underpin software that could run on any standard hardware.”

Meaning not being stuck with just Huawei’s hardware:

“A new coalition of more than 30 tech companies launched Tuesday to advocate federal policies to fund research and development of open and interoperable 5G networks.”

Again – government money I have zero problem spending.

Want yet another example?  Sure….

Lawmakers Push to Invest Billions in Semiconductor Industry to Counter China:

“China’s technological ambitions are eliciting rare bipartisan agreement in Washington, with lawmakers considering investing tens of billions of dollars in America’s semiconductor industry over the next five to 10 years to help the United States retain an edge over Beijing.”

Yes, please.

Oh – and here’s yet another sector that requires some attention….


China Could Use Rare Earths Dominance as Political Weapon:

“China knows full well that its dominance in rare earths – which are used in the technology, electric vehicle, and even the military industries – is a significant advantage.

“‘China’s rare earths positioning both implicates and threatens the entire global system,’ the report reads.”

As we have now repeatedly seen – we aren’t primed and ready to execute on most of these plans for hybrid private-public rectification.  Which is why….

Unfortunately, We Can’t Decouple from Communist China by Friday

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to get on it immediately.  Like…yesterday.

Because Communist China – remains Communist China.



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