Moderate Democrats and ‘Patent Trolls’: Two Things That Don’t Actually Exist

Leftists promulgate a whole lot of lies – to advance their anti-Constitution agenda.

They have to lie.  Because their agenda is awful – and most people hate it.


We are inundated with their lies all day, every day.  Because the Left controls all the major sectors of American learning and messaging.

Government schools, colleges and universities, Big Media, Big Entertainment,… – the Left controls them all.

So a whole lot of lies – exist as “truths.”  Because the Left has successfully injected their anti-realities – into Reality.

“Moderate Democrat” is one Leftist lie.  Look at what’s going on with the Party – they are institutionally insane.  Leftists are murdering people and burning cities to the ground – and Democrats are kneeling before them.

Anyone actually moderate – was out the Democrat door LONG ago.  What we have left are Leftist Democrats – representing moderate districts and states.

I don’t care what allegedly moderate Democrat name you attempt to throw at this wall – it won’t stick.  The Party is CRAZY.  You have no moderate bona fides – if you’re still a Party member.

“Patent troll” is another Leftist lie. Yes, a lot of allegedly non-Leftists use this term.  But I’m sorry: If you are anti-Intellectual Property (IP) protection – you are anti-Constitution.  And if you’re anti-Constitution – you’re a bit of a Leftist.

A more accurate appellation for “patent troll” – is patent owner.  People who own patents – and want to get paid when others use them.  Which is PRECISELY how the whole IP system is supposed to work – per the Constitution.


Often the people who create what becomes a patent – have zero desire to bring to market what they created.  They would much rather work on developing their next things.

So they sell their patents to investors.  Who then make back their investment – by charging people who use the patents they purchased.  Which is PRECISELY how the whole IP system is supposed to work – per the Constitution.

It is these patent owners – who Leftists ridiculously call “patent trolls.”  Again, no: They are Constitutionally-protected property owners – looking to get their Constitutional remuneration.

An Unlikely But Real Threat to Online Schooling: Patent Trolls:

“Neodron, a recently created company based in Ireland that has acquired a few patents related to touchscreen technology, has fired up profiteering litigation against nearly every major mobile device manufacturer that supplies the U.S. market.

“Neodron is the epitome of a ‘patent troll.’ These entities do not make anything. Instead, they acquire patents, allege infringement (often dubiously) and hope to collect a settlement.”

Ummm…yes.  That’s how EVERYTHING works.  EVERYWHERE.

Ever rented a car?  Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Alamo – none of them make cars.  They purchase them from the people who make them – and then rent them.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

And so it sometimes is with patents.  Neodron didn’t invent what became patents – but they purchased the patents from the people who did.  So they own the patents.  And they want to get paid for their use – because duh.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


More anti-IP nonsense:

“Patent trolls increasingly have petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), an agency that is supposed to focus on protecting the U.S. economy from unfair foreign trade practices.

“Typically, patent trolls seek an ‘exclusion order’ that bans importation of the supposedly patent-violating goods.”

Yes – because the thieves are trafficking in stolen goods.  And property owners – don’t like when that happens.

In fact, massive-IP-thief Communist China – gets the importance of stopping the use of stolen IP.

Injunctions: How Communist China Is Demonstrably Better Than US at IP Protection

And to again revisit the car metaphor….

Imagine Car Thieves Continuing to Drive the Cars They Stole – While Being Prosecuted for Car Theft

But there’s a bigger lie – underlying this lie.  Leftists don’t just hate non-inventing IP owners – they hate IP owners.  Because they hate IP.

The anti-IP Left is in blanket opposition to IP – but they can’t come out and say they are blanket anti-IP.  So they foist upon us this “patent troll” figment of their imagination.

But when a company invents stuff, patents it…and then leases access to their patents – thereby bypassing the Leftist definition of “patent troll” – the Leftists still hate it and them.  Because the hate IP.

Qualcomm is a San Diego, California-based company.  That is single-handedly responsible for our continued global leadership in all things wireless.


Qualcomm invented the way phones connect to the Internet – and have led the cellular charge ever since.

They don’t sell their patents.  They hold them – and lease them.  And use the coin to continue their world-leading research.  Which, too, is PRECISELY how the whole IP system is supposed to work – per the Constitution.

And Leftists HATE them for it.  Because no good deed goes unpunished.

Competitors Say Qualcomm Is Running a Monopoly:

“Qualcomm helped create the smartphone as we know it. Its patents are part of the standard for modern wireless broadband systems, and the company is now the world’s largest producer of baseband processors — the modem chip that lets phones connect to data networks.

“But over the next few weeks, a judge will determine whether Qualcomm abused that power….”

By “abused their power” – what they mean is “asserted their Constitutionally-protected IP rights.”

i-Everything monster company Apple – uses Qualcomm patented tech to make their phones and tablets.  Without Qualcomm’s tech – the iPhone is little more than a skinny rotary phone.

But in 2017, Apple stopped making their contractually-obligated payments for their use of Qualcomm’s tech.  So Qualcomm had to sue.

And Leftists HATED Qualcomm for it.

Obama FTC Says Qualcomm Is a Monopoly, Case Should Proceed

Apple Pushes Monopoly Concerns in Qualcomm ITC Fight

Qualcomm’s Monopoly Appeal Heads to Court

Oh – The Left’s use of ‘monopoly” is also exceedingly disingenuous.


Let’s first check in with the Constitution:

“The Congress shall have power…to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

It says “exclusive Right” – not “monopoly.”

But let’s check with the dictionary, shall we?

Monopoly: “Exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action.”

Why, would you look at that.  The first word of the “monopoly” definition – is the word describing the IP Right in the Constitution.

Oh – and Apple and Qualcomm eventually settled.  And Apple paid Qualcomm about $6 billion.  Because Apple had stolen Qualcomm’s stuff.

Did that calm the Leftists’ dishonest ardor?  Heavens no.

After the Apple Settlement, Qualcomm’s Monopoly Is Still a Monopoly

Because Leftists hate IP.  All of it.  Everywhere.



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