China Virus Bailout Coin - Shouldn’t Go to Chinese Companies

There has been much back-and-forthing over whom should and shouldn’t get money from the CARES Act.

You know the CARES Act.  The $3 trillion bailout bill passed by government to compensate people for governments forcing them to shutdown their lives and businesses – in the name of the China Virus FREAK OUT!!!


A particular favorite of mine – in examples of recipients…who shouldn’t be recipients?

Harvard to Return $8.7M Coronavirus Relief Funding from CARES Act

That’s about as close as we get to Communists getting CARES Act coin.

Except for the following.

Which would go not to domestic Communists – but China’s Communists.

You know: The country and the Communists responsible for the China Virus – and the subsequent global-economy-murdering FREAK OUT!!!

President Donald Trump Tweeted about the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) – the train people, not the music peopleand their take from the CARES Act:

“Chicago’s @CTA has big federal resources heading its way to keep the transit system operational and to keep people moving where they need to go. $817M will aid in the economic recovery — buy Made in the USA!”

Actually, CTA received an even more generous $1.43 billion in bailout coin.

$479 million went specifically to Chicago’s METRA Rail.  And METRA is in the market for new subway cars.

Did you get that last bit from the President – “buy Made in the USA?”

It appears METRA did not.  And is on the verge of going about as far in the opposite direction as it is possible to go.

American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp has helped blow the whistle.  Well, Tweet the whistle:

“So what did Chicago do w $1 billion of Corona relief? They are set to contract to buy $1 billion of Chinese trains from a company controlled by the Chinese government. Who in Congress will step in now and demand that we stop buying these commie trains w our money?!”


Wait – this has to be a joke, right?  Well, it is – albeit a really awful one.

METRA’s board meeting to decide on from whom to purchase their new cars – is May 20.  Yes, that’s soon.  Mañana – if you’re reading this the day it published.

And most indicators are – Chicago is going to go Communist China.

This Communist China choo-choo problem – is not new.  Cities have been fighting for the right to sell us all out – for years.

Cities Hope Congress Won’t Sidetrack China Rail Car Deals:

“Transit agencies in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia have all signed rail contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with Chinese state-supported CRRC Corp. Ltd., a company that’s become a focus of lawmakers worried about national security threats from China.

“The company has undercut its competition for contracts by hundreds of millions of dollars, critics say, coming in with bids 20 percent less than rivals in several cases and almost 50 percent cheaper than the highest bidder in at least one instance.”

How does Communist China’s train company bid so low?  Artificially – with massive government subsidies pumped in from back home.  (Which, ironically, was also our money.)

Massive government subsidies – has nothing to do with a free market.  Or a fair market.

It has to do with China flooding the market with Communist cash – to drive all other competitors out of the picture.


Oh – it’s also cheaper when you use kids to build your train cars.

CTA Wants Answers from Chinese L Car Manufacturer After NBC Report on Child Labor

Except: apparently CTA doesn’t care about kids all that much – as they’re still on the verge of rewarding the child slave masters with a new contract.

And one has to ask:

What is the ulterior motive for Communist China – spending so much money to dominate the US metro rail systems?

My guess?  Well, one of likely many guess?

Why Are We Allowing Communist China to Sell Subway (Spy) Trains to American Cities?:

“Having our political and business personnel – in our major cities all across the country – traveling to and from work on ChiComm subway cars…is a REALLY bad idea.

“Imagine the conversations to which the ChiComms could listen – in DCs Metro system.  Or in New York City’s Subway system (‘你好, Wall Street’).”

In fact, about three months after we wrote that – Congress stopped allowing it.

Congress Moves Forward with NDAA, Blocking Chinese Metro and Bus Activity:

“Congress has moved forward with reauthorization of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with the House voting to include language known as the Transit Infrastructure Vehicle Security Act (TIVSA).

“This language blocks certain foreign powers from access to federal taxpayer dollars in public infrastructure bidding contracts.


“At issue is the ambitious communist Chinese government, which advances its state-owned rolling stock corporations across the globe.

“Concerns over economic disruption and national security vulnerability resulted in robust debate and multiple versions of the NDAA, ultimately requiring reconciling in conference committee.”

So Chicago is about to do something that is not only incredibly stupid – it is also against the law.

Chicago is about to illegally hand Communist China – our money.

Money we gave Chicago – in a bailout to save them from the ramifications of the Communist China virus.

To purchase Communist China trains – on which Communist China will almost certainly spy like crazy.

Yeah – I don’t get it either.

Here’s hoping Chicago finally does – here at the last of all possible moments.



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