Even Michael Moore Now Knows: 'Green Energy' - Is Neither Green Nor Energy

It’s always fun to have a Leftist “Man Bites Dog” story.

“Dog Bites Man” – is a Leftist spouting Leftism.  Big for Big Media – but not big actual news.


“Man Bites Dog” – is this:

Michael Moore Admits He Had No Idea Where the Juice to Power Electric Cars Came From:

“In a Reuters story promoting Moore’s latest, he admits:

“Moore said that he, like many people, thought electric cars were a good idea, ‘but I didn’t really think about where is the electricity coming from?…

“‘I assumed solar panels would last for ever. I didn’t know what went into the making of them,’ Moore added, referring to raw materials, including quartz, and the fossil fuels needed to manufacture the panels.”

How’s that Red Pill taste, Mister Flint?  Welcome to Reality.

Electric cars require…electricity.  And from where does America get its electricity?:

“The United States draws 81 percent of its energy as a whole from fossil fuels, but in 2017, natural gas and coal alone provided 61.8 percent of our electricity.”

But fret not, Mister Flint.  Natural gas and nuclear energy are clean as can be.  And the coal industry has spent billions of its own dollars to get demonstrably cleaner.

So while your heretofore abject ignorance is amusing – it is accidentally far less hypocritical than you thought.

Fake “green energy,” on the other hand, is about as environmentally hypocritical as one can get – without actually spinning oneself directly into orbit.

Which Mister Flint has now learned – and documented.


Michael Moore-Backed ‘Planet of the Humans’ Takes Apart the Left’s Green Energy Scams

“Green” “energy” – is, in fact, neither.  It is all awful for the environment – and at producing energy.

It is fake energy.  The decades of Big Media’s pushing it – has been fake news.

Some of us didn’t need pharmaceutical enhancement to figure it out. We knew the “green energy” story – has always been a lie.

Let’s End Welfare Recipient-Fake Energy Wind and Solar

As Always Everywhere, ‘Green Energy’ Is Killing New York’s Economy

And here’s an excellent question…

Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

Because – and please pardon our French – green energy…sucks.

It’s all awful for the environment.

Why Renewable Energy Is Bad For The Environment

If Renewables Are So Great for the Environment, Why Do They Keep Destroying It?

The Environmental Disaster of Solar Energy

Why Wind Farms Are Bad for the Environment

Ethanol Damages The Environment, EPA Says

And what little energy it actually produces – is ridiculously, prohibitively expensive.

Green Energy Is 5 Times More Expensive Than Conventional Power

Why Is Renewable Energy So Expensive?

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?

End the Ethanol Rip-Off

And let us not forget the Magna Carta of moronity…


Green New Deal Would Cost Up to $93 Trillion

And lest we forget….

Green Energy Is Expensive & Won’t Save The Environment – It’s A Wealth Redistribution Scheme

Indeed it is a wealth redistribution scheme.  Mostly to government cronies.

Green Scam: 80% of Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Donors

Wow…that’s a lot.

‘Green Cronyism’ Has No Place in Energy Policy

Indeed it should not have a place..

Unfortunately, it has – for a very long, very stupid time.

So…how about this…

It’s Time to End Subsidies for Renewable Energy

Yes, please:

“Renewable energy resources…have received subsidies through the tax code since 1979, most of which have occurred in the last decade.

“Through 2018, these subsidies amounted to more than $100 billion.”

Wow…that’s a lot.

And that’s a lot – fed into a bottomless gaping maw that STILL produces but a tiny fraction of our energy.

In 2019, wind was 7.3%.  And solar a whopping 1.8%.

$100 billion down – and still less than 10% of our electricity.

We’ve been throwing bad money after bad – for decades.

Let’s FINALLY stop doing so.



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