Google's Business Model - Is Theft

Google is a monstrous Big Tech behemoth (Market Cap: $827 billion).

And they got to their obscene hugeness – almost solely by stealing from us.

Founded in 1998, Google was one of the first companies on the planet to figure out the Coin of the Internet Realm – is everyone’s data.


Who we are, what we do, what we like,… – all of it is laid bare online.

Google became masters of micro-collecting all that information.  And then omni-directionally selling it to the highest bidders.

Most of us simply, ignorantly reveled in all the “free stuff” Google was “giving” us – Search, Gmail, Documents, Chrome browser, Android mobile operating system,….

What we didn’t realize – was Google has been engaged in the largest ongoing, rolling Identity Theft operation in the history of the world.

All those “free” Google products – were stealth conduits to all of our personal info.

Google got to a nearly one trillion dollar valuation – in just twenty years.  That’s how valuable our data is.

Sure: They throw a hundred-page disclaimer at you when you engage most Google products.  This indemnifies them legally…I guess.  Morally….?

However, Google doesn’t offer a preemptive disclaimer when you use their Search.  Given the fact 91.54% of US searches are Google searches – this is not an insignificant exclusion.

And look: The #2 search engine is Microsoft’s Bing (2.44%).  But…Microsoft has contracted with Google to sell them the relatively minuscule data they collect.

Try as you might – it is nigh impossible to escape Google’s thieving hand.

Google defenders say:

“But you voluntarily use Google’s free products.  Your data is the price you pay to use them.”

Except that’s like Google buying Manhattan Island – for $24 dollars (in Eighteenth Century coin).


Our data profiles – are worth WAY more than what Google is paying.

It is has been suggested we should be able to sell our online selves.  The higher our profile – the more coin we should get.

Any Kardashian’s profile – should be generating any of them a lot of money.  They shouldn’t be forced to casually give it away for a Search and some Gmail.

You can’t use Kim K’s physical likeness without her permission – she gets paid much coin for its use.  It should be exactly the same with her digital likeness.

We say all this:

To demonstrate Google has spent the last near-quarter-century getting very rich – by getting very used to stealing stuff.

We offer the following cavalcade of headlines and links – to further demonstrate Google has spent the last near-quarter-century getting very used to stealing stuff.

Not just our data – Google steals everything, everywhere – from everyone.

The Evidence Google’s Systematic Theft is Anti-Competitive

Google, YouTube Receive Record Fine for Violating Children’s Privacy

Genius Claims It Busted Google Stealing by Hiding a Secret Code in Lyrics That Spells ‘Red Handed’

How Google Is Stealing Your Personal Health Data

Google Sued Over Tracking User Location Amid Privacy Concerns

RIP: How to Stop Google from Stealing All Your Data After You Die

Google LOVES to steal Intellectual Property (IP).

How Google Steals Ideas From Entrepreneurs! The Google Innovation Theft Factory


Google Retracts After Caught Stealing Ideas

Is There a Risk that Google Will Steal the Ideas and Intellectual Property that We Store on Their Cloud Service?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Google Sued for Copyright Infringement by Photographers and Visual Artists

Authors Sue Google Over Google Print

Publishers to Sue Google Over Copyright

Google Settles Copyright Dispute with Belgium Newspapers

Sonos Sues Google, Alleging It Stole Its Wireless Speaker Technology

All of which brings us to a pending Supreme Court case….

Googles Massive ‘Open Source’ Heist: The Punishment Must Fit the Crimes:

“Google v. Oracle America:

“‘(A) current legal case within the United States related to the nature of computer code and copyright law. The dispute centers on the use of parts of the Java programming language’s application programming interfaces (APIs), which are owned by Oracle, within early versions of the Android operating system by Google.

“‘Google has admitted to using the APIs, and has since transitioned Android to a copyright-unburdened engine, but claims their original use of the APIs was within fair use.’

“Ok – definition of some terms are in order:

“‘Java was created by a team at Sun Microsystems….In 2010,…Oracle acquired Java.

“‘Using Java APIs, developers can create new projects faster because they do not have to develop entirely new code. They can instead use Java APIs in a sort of cut-and-paste fashion, saving them time on grunt work and enabling them to focus more on innovation.’


“Java is ‘free and open’ – which means any and everyone can use it.

“With two conditions:

“You either make free and open – i.e. public – what you developed atop the Java base.


“You get a license from Oracle to use their Java.

“And here’s a surprise:

“Often, Oracle charges literally nothing for the license.

“All you have to do – is keep the Java software you use compatible. You cannot do anything to it – that might make it no longer play well with Java.

“Google – shocker – did none of the above. They took Oracle’s Java, remade it in their image – and then began playing hide and seek with the courts.”

“Google took open source Java – and built upon it.  So far, so good.

“But then Google sealed off from the world its Java-based creation – and started monopoly-profiting off of the heisted open source technology.  So far – no good.

“And then Google unleashed its armada of lawyers.”

Because that’s Google’s business model.

Steal you blind first – and beat you down with attorneys later.

Google’s business model – is theft.

Here’s hoping – this time, in this instance – the Supreme Court rules accordingly.



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