Coronavirus with Lie: Very Bad Communist China - Requires Very Good US Policy


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Communist China is not a very nice place.  Their government is not honest.

US policy for decades was to pretend we can trust Communist China.  All the while ignoring the mass thefts, heists and lies to which Communist China has for decades subjected us.


It’s really been quite pathetic.

God bless Donald Trump.  Who parachuted into Washington, DC – and demanded we stop allowing ourselves to be royally screwed by Communist China.

Was but one current visual aide:

The China Coronavirus outbreak is a horrible, horrendous thing – and we pray for the Chinese people.

But their government – has rigidly insisted on repeatedly…misrepresenting the severity of the problem.

Coronavirus Outbreak: China Promises Tougher Crackdown to Stop Spread – As it Happened

We have a lot of US businesses – who have allowed themselves to be bent over a barrel by the Chinese Communists.  It is this pathogen problem – that may finally have them seeing the writing on the wall.

Google Shuts Down Offices in China Due to Coronavirus Concerns:

“Google joins wave of shutdowns in China as coronavirus concerns mount.”

Wilbur Ross: Coronavirus Will Help Return Jobs to North America:

“Coronavirus is another risk factor that companies need to take into account.”

You would think….

You don’t have to be in China – to be royally screwed by China.  And here too we’re finally waking up.

The US Seeks to Completely Block Huawei:

“(T)he US government is trying to give more weight to its famous blacklist that aims to block the business of the Chinese giant Huawei.”

Some people – insist on yet again hitting the snooze button.

Britain Approves Huawei’s Limited Use in 5G Networks

Which is exactly like saying “I’ll have a limited serving of poison in my tea, please.”


Hold the crumpets.  You won’t be around to enjoy them.

Speaking of Huawei….

There is a distinction with a massive difference to be made here.  Just because we can’t trust them – doesn’t mean their money is no good.

We Should Sell to – But Not Buy From – Communist China

Selling them our tech stuff – helps fund the Research and Development (R & D) for our next waves of tech stuff.

And selling them our tech stuff – keeps them reliant upon our tech stuff…thereby debilitating their attempts to develop their own tech stuff.  Which keeps us perpetually ahead in the tech race.

Speaking of Huawei and the tech race….

The entirety of the planet is working on building – and then building out – the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network.  4G-to-5G – will be bigger than 1G-to-4G combined…and then some.

Born will be the Internet of Things.  Where everything non-sentient – becomes artificially sentient.  Your car will talk to the road.  The road will talk to the stoplight.  Which will talk to the pedestrian light.  Which will talk to….

The massive amount of power and data 5G will represent – will dwarf-to-miniature everything wireless we have done before.

The way the world works is: The first country to get to 5G – sets the global standards for 5G.  This is, of course, a MASSIVE economic and security advantage – if it’s US.  This is, of course, a MASSIVE economic and security catastrophe – if it’s Communist China.


Here’s the good news:

China Plays Catch Up as the U.S. Launches the 5G Economy

US to Lead, Europe to Lag, China to Dominate 5G:

“The US will be a first mover when it comes to 5G launches, but China will quickly dominate the market for 5G connections….”

“First mover” – is very, very good.  First place – means setting the global standards.

Why will China “quickly dominate?”  Spectrum.

Spectrum is the airwaves – used for everything wireless.  From your cell phone – all the way down to your car key fob.

Not all spectrum is created equal.  Think of it like a Monopoly board.  Some of it is Boardwalk and Park Place – some is Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues.  And everywhere in between.

And spectrum – is a finite resource.  There’s only so much to go around.  And the federal government – holds a LOT of it.  Including a lot of the really good stuff.

So a FUNDAMENTAL component of US policy – must be getting as much spectrum as rapidly as possible to the private sector.

In the 5G instance – this particularly means what is known as mid-band spectrum.  (Can you guess where that band is located?  In the middle, correct.)

The U.S. Must Move Quickly On Mid-Band Spectrum If It Wants To Lead In 5G:

Indeed we must.  Which means the Trump Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – must keep its word on things like this:

FCC: C-Band Auction in ‘Latter 2020’

What is “C-Band spectrum,” you ask?


C-Band Spectrum: The Next Step Toward Bringing 5G to Life

Without getting too deeply in the technological weeds…:

“The C band is a designation by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range of frequencies ranging from 4.0 to 8.0 gigahertz (GHz).”

Wow.  One sentence – exceedingly weedy.

Okay, C-band – and all the mid-band – is the “Goldilocks” spectrum for 5G deployment.  It is “Just right” from a technological perspective.

And right now – even though we are ahead of China on developing 5G – we are behind on having made available the mid-band spectrum necessary to deploy 5G.

Which is why today – we will lead, but China will dominate.

Which is why as soon as possible – our government must get as much spectrum as possible to the private sector.

Which is why the Trump FCC must do as it has promised – and have the C-band auction this year.

As the necessary first step – to a great many necessary next steps.



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