‘Deep State’ - Ain’t a Mid-Size, Midwest University

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Knowledge Is Good – The Deep State Is Awful


America’s colleges and universities LONG ago became Leftist claptrap factories.

You aren’t educated – you’re indoctrinated.


Government schools K-12 – prime young radicals.  Colleges – activate them.

And if you attend the “best” of our fake education facilities – or you’re related to or know the right people – you too can get a job in Washington, D.C.’s Deep State.

Where you can be immersed in a radical Left ecosystem not just for four years – but for forty-plus.

DCs Deep State – is an anti-Reality netherworld.  Immune and inoculated from the trials and travails of the Real World.

You join your Deep State brethren – sidling up next to them, suckling upon yet another government teat.

To make your eternal adolescence possible – money is taken from us fools in Reality earning a real living by creating real wealth.

And no matter how much money the Deep Staters waste – no matter.

The Deep State will say things like “For the children” or “Health care is a human right” – and yet again increase taxes on us Reality suckers.

The Deep State is an inconceivably cozy place – to those of us not privy to its privilege.

And because the Deep State is so incredibly cozy – those in its warm embrace quite quickly lose all perspective of how things work in the Real World.

If DCs denizens ever understood any of the very many facets of how life actually works – they rapidly lose those tethers to Reality once ensconced in Washington.


Imagine a college faculty lounge – but with live ammunition.

College professors only load the Leftist guns.  DCs Deep State fires them.

College professors and Deep Staters – only talk to and amongst themselves.  So there is no check on the eternal evolution of their anti-Reality notions of what to do to remake the Real World.  So they drift ever further and further away from anything remotely resembling reason.

College professors’ power – is indirect.  Their poison – is slow-acting.  They (further) warp the next generations of minds.

Deep Staters’ power – is direct.  Their poison – is immediately deadly.

Deep Staters are government bureaucrats.  Who can do instantaneous and very real damage – with the massive power to impose mass regulations upon us.

Mass regulations – concocted in their insular cocoon.  Totally unrelated to anything going on in the Real World.

And then when DCs Deep Staters’ regulations fail in their imposition upon Reality – they get even stupider.  They blame Reality.

To wit:

(The Obama) Department of Labor Sues Oracle for Discrimination:

“The Department of Labor is suing Oracle for alleged pay discrimination against women, African-Americans and Asians, as well as for favoring Asian employees for technical roles.”


Did you get that?  Barack Obama’s Labor Department sued Oracle for simultaneously discriminating against Asians – AND favoring Asians.

Pardon me?

As for the alleged discrimination against women:

This is the Deep State suing a company – for doing the best it can to deal with the ramifications of the damage for which the Deep State its own self itself is partly responsible.

Oracle is doing its best to hire the best – in the bombed out landscape the Deep State has created.

The Deep State – is responsible for government schools.  Government schools – are largely responsible for the workforce from which businesses can hire.

And government schools – are an abysmal failure.  Especially when it comes to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The fields of experience and expertise – for which companies like Oracle look when looking to hire.

Gender Gaps Persist in STEM Subjects:

“(E)xperts say some gender divides are still apparent, especially with participation in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

“Long before women pick a college major or enter the workforce, their K-12 education sets the stage in level of interest, confidence, and achievement in STEM.”


If less women study STEM – less women will get hired in STEM.

Lack of Women in STEM Field Jobs: Why Are They Few?

“It has been observed that gender neutrality is more prominent in developed nations like USA than developing nations.

“Yet when it comes to choosing academics and career options even in developed nations where socially men and women are treated as equals; fewer women choose STEM subjects in their academics.

“Hence we find lack of women in STEM jobs also.”

Did you get all that?

Free women – CHOOSE to not choose STEM subjects in their studies.

So when these free women are looking for gigs – they aren’t looking for STEM gigs.

How can Oracle – or anyone else – hire people…who aren’t looking to be hired by them?

Sorry to have Reality intrude upon your ridiculous discrimination lawsuit, Deep Staters.

Oh – and the Obama Administration filed this ridiculous lawsuit…on January 17, 2017.

Which – if you’ll check your calendar – was just three days before the Obama Administration was to be sworn out of office.

The Obama Administration – did a LOT of this on their way out of the door.

Obama Plots Jobs Killing ‘Midnight Lawsuits’:

“The Obama administration, which is planning to unleash billions of dollars of new last minute regulations to shore up the president’s legacy, is now also readying ‘midnight litigation’ targeting businesses, lawsuits that are expected to kill jobs.”


The Obama Administration did all of this last second crap – for (at least) two reasons.

One: They knew the incoming Donald Trump Administration wouldn’t do any of this crap.

Two: They knew Deep State bureaucratic inertia – would make it nigh impossible for the incoming Donald Trump Administration to stop a lot of this crap.

Which is why, in November 2019, Oracle was forced to do this:

Oracle Sues Department of Labor to End Obama-Era Discrimination Lawsuit

This ridiculous Deep State lawsuit – should be immediately dismissed with prejudice.

Which would at least be one small little victory – in the Deep State’s ongoing, rolling takeover of Reality.


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