Trump, Fox News Decry Amazon’s Looming $10 Billion Defense Department Cronyism

Seton Motley

President Donald Trump and his Twitter account – are indispensable weapons in the war against the Left-Deep State-Swamp cabal.

The vast majority of Republicans and the Right’s alleged leaders are…quite frankly useless in this (and almost every other regard).  They have stood by and silent while the Left took over everything – Washington, D.C., the schools, colleges, media, Hollywood and now Big Tech.


We on the Right are now entirely surrounded.  Most of our alleged friends – aren’t.

We the Normal – have had enough.  And have decided to FINALLY fight back.

A decade ago, we tried to do things nicely – with the Tea Party Movement.  Which was met with open hostility and slander by nigh everyone – including a whole lot of our alleged friends.  Remember but one of the very pleasant, thoroughly cordial responses – “Tea Baggers?”

But we didn’t get mad – we started to try to get even.  We tried to be nice – and were rudely, summarily dismissed.  So “Here,” we said – “have some Trump.”

Trump is almost always the only voice in politics opposing the ongoing, rolling Leftist narrative in this country.

Which sadly – due to ongoing, rolling Republican-Right inaction – has become the Leftist status quo in this country.

Trump used his Twitter account – and his innate good sense and pro-America, pro-sanity boorishness – to win the White House.

The Presidency is, of course, and incredibly dynamic and demanding job.  Every second of the work day – which never ends – there are probably two dozen other things of relatively equal import to consider besides the one you’re considering.

So getting the President’s attention – is a titanic achievement.  If Trump’s attention is drawn by something that falls into his anti-Left, anti-Swamp-Deep State purview – real change to the awful status quo becomes possible.


In DC, cronyism is a coin of the realm.  It’s a large part of what makes The Swamp and The Deep State – The Swamp and The Deep State.  The Swamp is the terrible status quo – The Deep State ensures it continues in perpetuity.

Cronyism is: Big Business bribes Big Government.  And Big Government rewards Big Business – with huge government money contracts.

Nigh always at the exorbitant over-expense of We the Taxpayers.  Far too often at the expense of what’s actually best for the business of government – no matter how dangerous for people it also ultimately becomes.

To wit: The Department of Defense (DoD)’s contract “bid” process to hire outside cloud computing backup.

When started – the process made strategic and economic sense.  The DoD was looking for multiple providers – in an open bidding process.

Multiple providers – because you have at least two backups of your smartphone.  Having several for the entirety of the DoD – is thoroughly rudimentary.

But then The Swamp took over.

The Barack Obama DoD hired an Amazon employee – to run the DoD cloud backup bid process.  So very crony.

Suddenly, the process went from looking for multiple providers – to looking for just one.  And the contractor description was rewritten – so that only Amazon met the specs.  So very crony.

We anti-Swampers continued to make just enough noise – to repeatedly delay the crooked process, not end it.


We’d point out the Swamp corruption – and the Deep State would again auto-incorrect back to cronyism.

All the while, bigger and bigger megaphones started decrying the mess.

And a contract that was supposed to awarded last summer – is still un-awarded this summer.

Last week – some of the very few at-all-worthwhile DC Rs weighed in.

Republicans Are Right: Defense Department Must Delay Amazon’s Massive Cronyism

But of course if worthwhile Republicans weigh in – the far-more-numerous Swamp-Deep State Republicans immediately respond.

Republican Lawmakers Ask Trump Not to Delay Pentagon Cloud-Computing Contract

Then came Fox News.  Specifically the show “The Next Revolution” – hosted by British-import populist Steve Hilton.

Hilton delivered a five-minute, eighteen-second on-air soliloquy about the abject heinousness the DoD cloud contract has become.

Then came the biggest anti-Swamp-Deep State megaphone of all – President Trump.

President Trump retweeted the Fox News segment.  And – quite thankfully:

Trump ‘Looking Into’ Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

Trump to Request Review of Pentagon Cloud-Computing Contract

Of course, the Swamp-Deep State defenders of the status quo – won’t stand idly by:

“Steve Kelman, a former federal procurement official now at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, said it would be improper for any president to influence the contracting process.

“‘It’s not appropriate and it’s definitely not typical for a president to intervene on a contract,’ he said. ‘That should be left to the Civil Service.’”


Oh look – a college professor…who was a government procurement bureaucrat.  He’s a Swamp-Deep State twofer – defending the Swamp-Deep State.  Shocker.

Amazon – seeing its massive cronyism maybe slipping away – responded in full-on Swamp-Deep State fashion.

Amazon Hires Trump-Allied Lobbyist Jeff Miller as President Threatens to Intervene in Battle over Pentagon Contract

Oh look – more lobbyists.  A now-longstanding Amazon tradition.

Amazon Increases Lobbying As It Eyes $10 Billion Technology Deal

Amazon Steps Up Lobbying Spending by 400%

Amazon Ups Their K Street Spending

This DoD deal – has become as deeply Deep State-Swampy as things in DC can get.

And that is REALLY saying something.

Here’s to Trump’s attention to it.

And – really important to actually Draining the Swamp – here’s to Trump ENDING it.


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