The US Problem with the Internet Isn’t Access - It’s Leftists’ Lies About It

The Internet – when unfettered by government – is a free speech-free market Xanadu.

Precisely because our government lightly regulated the Internet for its first quarter century, the Internet exploded Big Bang style.  (No, not the TV show.)


Nothing in human history has grown better, bigger, stronger, faster.  Thanks entirely to private sector ingenuity and investment.

Average Americans are good and decent people.  They want the best for their fellow Americans.  And think the best of them.  Which means they don’t expect them to lie to them – especially so frequently and facilely as do Leftists.

Leftists – take full advantage of average Americans’ good nature.

Leftists have spent every second of our amazing private sector Internet history – lying about the private sector’s inability to connect people to the Internet.  Trillions of dollars of economic activity to the contrary notwithstanding.

To close the “digital divide” – Leftists have incessantly insisted government get into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business.

Which means:

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Governments regulate the living daylight out of private sector ISPs.

Governments also tax the living daylight out of private sector ISPs.

Governments then take the ISPs’ tax money – and create government competitors to the private sector ISPs.

Which is insanely obnoxious.

It’s the baseball umpire – also pitching for the other team.  While charging the private sector ISPs for the government’s uniforms, equipment and travel expenses.  It’s insane.

There are approximately 330 million Americans.  According to the Barack Obama Administration, less than 25 million lack Internet access.

The government-frantic Obama Administration greatly inflated that number – by serially lying about the private sector.


The Obama Administration artificially, absurdly raised the speed of what government counts as minimum “access.”  To a speed of which 99+% need but a tiny fraction.

Unless you’re live-playing games online – whilst simultaneously downloading multiple HD movies – you don’t need anywhere close to the “minimum” speed the Obama Administration defined as minimum Internet access.

And the Obama Administration only counted wired Internet access – as Internet access.  Not wireless.  Not satellite.  Not DSL.  All of which provide ample access – at speeds ample to 99+% of Americans.  None of which the Obama Administration counted as access.

As we said – Leftists lie.  In this case, to artificially build their phony case for governments everywhere to pretend to be ISPs.

Oh: Which is also insane – because government is AWFUL at being an ISP.

Broadband Boondoggles: A Map of Failed Taxpayer-Funded Networks:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Explore the map to learn about the massive debt, waste and broken promises left behind by these failed government networks.”

But of course government never, ever admits its very many mistakes.  We still have governments all over the place pretending to be ISPs.

When “Internet access” is properly defined, the private sector – all by itself – has done and continues to do an exquisitely excellent job of delivering it to we Americans.


A fact to which a government-ISP proponent – accidentally copped.

Almost Half of US Residents Don’t Use Broadband Internet:

“Microsoft President Brad Smith put the number of nonusers at 162.8 million, almost half of the 329 million U.S. residents….”

Wow – that’s a lot.  Not 25 million.  162.8 million.  That’s a lot.

And according to Smith – it’s allegedly really dire for our economy:

“‘Without a proper broadband connection, these communities can’t start or run a modern business, access telemedicine, take an online class, digitally transform their farm or research a school project online….’”

And were any of that true – it really would be really dire for our economy.

Except since the election of Obama’s successor Donald Trump – our economy has exploded upward and outward.  Big Bang style.

Trump Has Set Economic Growth on Fire

Trump Economy’s Sustained Growth Pace Unlike Anything Seen in 13 Years

Thirteen years?  Certainly the “digital divide” is exponentially worse now than it was in 2003.  Average Internet speeds have increased by several orders of magnitude since then – so of course the “access” problem is even worse.  Right?

So how did Trump manage to rescue us from the Obama Doldrums – and so successfully grow our economy?  In the face of this massive “digital divide?”

Because the “digital divide” – ain’t what the Leftists have told us it is.  (Have we mentioned Leftists lie?)


Does any normal, honest person really think half of all Americans NEVER, EVER access the Internet?

Of course not.

Just about all Americans access the Internet.  Very many via their Fourth Generation (4G) smartphones.  On which they can wirelessly, seamlessly watch HD movies.

An AMAZING private sector speed Internet access accomplishment.  Which the government doesn’t even count as Internet access.

Which means our private sector speeds and options – are just fine here in Reality.  Extraordinary, really.

Which means our private sector speeds and options – of course played a fundamental role in the Trump Economic Renaissance.  The Left’s Internet-less American dystopian tales to the contrary notwithstanding.

All of which means – the private sector all by its onesies is doing an incredible job of providing us Internet access.

All of which means – we absolutely, positively do NOT need any government anywhere pretending to be an ISP.


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