The Likes of Google and Facebook Are Now Driving the 'News' Media Cart

Our recurring joke – that is itself a ceaselessly recurring joke – is when we mention the “Media-Left,” we always follow it with “please pardon the redundancy.”  The Media-Left merger is now seamless.  I could hand you a New York Times article and a Daily Kos article – and you would be hard pressed to determine which is which (aside from the latter’s propensity for profanity). We will provide many such examples in just a bit.


As Rush Limbaugh repeatedly points out – the Media are the horse, the Left merely the cart the Media drags along behind.  And the Democrat Party is the inert, inept product in the cart – dragged along by both.

Without the Media’s tens of billions of dollars per annum in issue advocacy, the Left would be almost wholly relegated to college campuses, Hollywood – and maybe eight states.  Of the 535 seats in the United States Congress – the feckless Democrat Party would hold maybe forty.

Seton Motley | Red State |

You can not deconstruct the Left – without deconstructing the Media.  You must, in fact, lead with the Media.  Since the Media leads the Left.

And as truly insightful sportswriter Jason Whitlock rightly, recently noted – the locus of the Media has moved.  It is no longer in ridiculously Leftist New York City – it is in the seismically, cataclysmically Leftist Silicon Valley.

Because the Internet has transmogrified the landscape for all things news – and “news.”  The benchmark of Media success is with ever-decreasing frequency subscriptions sold – and with ever-increasing frequency clicks generated.

Thus the outrageously Left Silicon Valley has become the Media’s hub – and chief ideological demographic.   Which is why you’ve over the last several years noticed an even more maniacal bend to all things “news.”  When the likes of Google and Facebook dictate – bat-guano crazy is what you get.


So very especially when a major Internet policy issue comes to the fore in a news cycle.  That, after all, is the Multi-Trillion Dollar Silicon Valley’s bread-and-butter.  It is also, of course, when the always-uber-left Tech Media get into high gear.

They’ve all gone full-tilt now with the Donald Trump Administration’s perfectly reasonable, reasoned decision to undo the Barack Obama Administration’s ludicrous, totally-overreaching and utterly-unnecessary power grab that was Web regulatory reclassification – so as to then impose the ludicrous, totally-overreaching and utterly-unnecessary power grab that is Network Neutrality.

Here – as promised above – is a cavalcade of completely absurd, totally one-sided “news” renderings on the subject.  As promised above, it will be difficult to delineate between overtly radical Left publications – and traditional “news” sources.

John Oliver Wants You to Flood the FCC Website to Save Net Neutrality, AgainTime Magazine

John Oliver is Urging Internet Users to Defend Net Neutrality – Recode

John Oliver Has a Plan to Save Net Neutrality Rules Once AgainMother Jones

Get that?  Nearly identical concepts from freak show Leftist Mother Jones – and allegedly venerated Time Magazine and Tech “news” outlet Recode.

And all three are taking a Hollywood alleged-comedian very seriously on a very serious, fairly complicated policy issue.


Does Oliver actually have even the remotest clue about Net Neutrality?  Of course not.

Director Francis Ford Coppola Weighs In On Preserving Net Neutrality – Reuters

‘Godfather’ Director Coppola Calls on FCC to Keep Net NeutralityThe Hill

You recall all of the articles from these staid, stately “news” outlets about conservative Hollywood types and their policy proclamations, right?  Neither do I.

The Corporate Disinformation Campaign Against Net Neutrality – Daily Kos

The radical Kos is complaining about a Verizon (market cap: $191 billion) video rightly describing this stupid policy.  A policy favored by – and crony-favoring – far-huger-corporations like Google (market cap: $642 billion) and Facebook (market cap: $436 billion).  Kos wasn’t alone in objecting to this unwelcome injection of Reality into the discussion.

Verizon Releases Blatantly Incorrect Net Neutrality VideoAsk Men

New Verizon Video Blatantly Lies About What’s Happening To Net NeutralityTechDirt

For Kos and these allegedly-less-Left traditional Media clowns – some corporations are more evil than others.

Much-more-massive Google and Facebook capturing the FCC and getting massive crony policy favoritism – great.  Much smaller Verizon, AT&T (market cap: $237 billion) and Comcast (market cap: $186 billion) asking the FCC to roll back these crony regulations and restore a free market Internet – awful.


Did you get that market cap math?  Google all by its onesies – is almost as large as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast COMBINED.   But Google is a GOOD corporation.  These Media-Left people aren’t well.

How Trump Is Handing AT&T, Verizon and Comcast A Double WinFortune Magazine

Comcast and Verizon’s Sneaky Push to Kill Net Neutrality Is Just EmbarrassingGizmodo

It’s Not Too Late to Save Net Neutrality From a Captured FCCThe Nation

Again, Monstrous Google and Facebook are looking to keep in place their brand new cronyism.  All the Internet providers want – is a regulatory rollback.  A restoration of the quarter-century status quo – that has the government favoring no one.  Like I said – these Media-Left people aren’t well.

Inventor of the Web Tim Berners-Lee on…Why Net Neutrality Is So ImportantBusiness Insider

It’s not, actually.  At all.  As demonstrated by the fact that in the aforementioned quarter-century the Internet went from “What’s that?” to 1/6th of our entire $18 trillion economy – without these ridiculous regulations in place.  We don’t need them now – because we never needed them before.

We could go on providing nigh-limitless examples of just this sort of Media-Left inanity.  Because the Web is – thanks to its Net-Neutrality-free existence – a nigh-limitless source of Media-Left inanity (and everything else).


But we will close with this.  You know how the Left blames global warming – oops, I mean climate change – for literally thousands of completely unrelated, perfectly natural planetary occurrences?  We’re reaching that level of idiocy with Net Neutrality.

Killing the Net Neutrality Rules Might Impact the Taste of Your BeerCirca

Yeah.  Ok.

Like I said – these Media-Left people aren’t well.



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