Climate Change Liars, Running Out of Global Real Estate, Seek Solace in the Philippines

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was the “Greatest Show on Earth.”  From 1919 – until this year, when Leftists radicals culminated a years-long assault on the Circus by successfully shutting it down.


Global warming – ooops, I mean climate change – is the Greatest Scam on Earth.  A now decades-long push by the Left to get human beings to stop advancing the human condition.  The same people that shuttered the Circus – are looking to end human achievement.

The environmentalist movement is an anti-capitalism movement.  But for decades (but less and less these days, thanks to decades of government-school indoctrination) – you looked like an idiot being anti-capitalism.  Because its unfathomable success was glaringly obvious – both standing alone, and especially in contrast with the other major option, Socialism.

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So the Left dressed up their Socialism in green costumes – and declared that they were Saving the Planet.  Which is why we call the environmentalists “Watermelons” – because they’re green on the outside, red on the inside.

The Left just celebrated Earth Day – which also happens to be Russian Communist vanguard Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.  Merely a bizarre coincidence, I’m sure.

Thankfully, the Left has had less success killing capitalism than they had killing the Circus.  And the areas of the planet still susceptible to their scam – are dwindling.

And the climate change push is, of course, a global one – and globalism isn’t doing so well either.

The United States just exchanged a climate-change-freak uber-globalist President – for a guy who ran on “America First” and timed the removal of all things climate change from the White House website to the very second he took his oath of office.


Britain just executed Brexit – and is getting the heck out from under the European Union (EU).  France appears to be headed in the general direction of a Frexit.  Switzerland and Iceland have withdrawn their EU membership applications.

While much of Europe remains in the thrall of the Greatest Scam on Earth – it is occurring to more and more of its citizens that they’ve been royally had.  And they’re entertaining less and less of the climate freak Left’s nonsense.

Heck, as our previous president was ramping up totally ridiculous “green energy” subsidies – Europe was eviscerating theirs.

So what are climate change freak Leftists to do?  Where anymore can they enact their anger on capitalism?  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…the Philippines.  That huge player in global affairs – that titan on the world stage.

This is the geopolitical equivalent of taking the gig as General Manager of the National Football League (NFL)’s Cleveland Browns.  You’ve basically given up on having any actual success in your chosen vocation.

But if you’re a Leftist media outlet like The Guardian – you try your best to slather lipstick on the hog you’re handed.

World’s Largest Carbon Producers Face Landmark Human Rights Case: “The world’s largest oil, coal, cement and mining companies have been given 45 days to respond to a complaint that their greenhouse gas emissions have violated the human rights of millions of people living in the Philippines.”


Hold it right there.  The Philippines has the world’s 35th largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – at about $330 billion.  For 100 million people.  That’s $3,300 per-person-per-year.  Sounds to me like they could use a whole lot more capitalism – not less.

And hey – here’s a thought: Someone should ask, you know, actual Filipinos what they want.  Before subjecting them to the brutal ministrations of the climate freak Left.

Again, please note – the climate freak Left has been shoved this far down the GDP food chain.  The massive likes of the United States, China and Japan – are more and more having less and less of their nonsense.

You want serious irony?  We’ve got serious irony: “In a potential landmark legal case, the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines (CHR), a constitutional body with the power to investigate human rights violations, has sent 47 ‘carbon majors’ including Shell, BP, Chevron, BHP Billiton and Anglo American, a 60-page document accusing them of breaching people’s fundamental rights to ‘life, food, water, sanitation, adequate housing, and to self determination.’”

Get that?  The “carbon majors” provide life-sustaining, in-fact-life-enhancing goods and services.  The climate freak Left – is looking to take them away.  And its the takers investigating the givers – for taking.

Having produced an economic system that relegates Filipinos to less than $10-a-day, the Philippine government seems to think it has plenty of time to tilt at climate freak ideological windmills: “The move is the first step in what is expected to be an official investigation of the companies by the CHR, and the first of its kind in the world to be launched by a government body.”


Because the Philippine government has absolutely nothing better to do – than to join with the climate freak Left in hounding any prospect of economic advancement out of their poverty stricken nation.

The climate freak Left – being driven out of more and more of the planet – has to take what it can get.  And falsely proclaim their tiny little Filipino win – as titanic.

The rest of us know better – or at least we should.

Let’s bring back Barnum and Bailey – and end once and for all the Left’s climate freak circus.


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