‘Climate Change’: It Was Better When the Media Didn’t Pretend to Be Impartial

One of the greatest of the great many scams to be hatched and nurtured during the radical Left revolution of the 1960s – was the notion of “objective journalism.”  The radicals created the concept – to advance Leftism under artificial cover.


Prior, most newspapers and other outlets were openly organs for one Party or faction or another.  That’s why old school newspapers had and have names like “The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.”  Then came the Left’s “journalism” scam.

Walter Cronkite was the CBS Evening News’ anchor for nineteen years – and “The Most Trusted Man in America.”  Except he lied about the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive.  We won the battle – Cronkite didn’t like the war, so he “reported” we lost.  His fake news almost singlehandedly turned public opinion against the War.

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Cronkite fully outed himself when he retired as a “journalist” – and became a news “analyst.”  Where he was free to share his rote, doctrinaire, pedestrian Leftism. And “journalist” after “journalist” for decades has retired just like Cronkite – and revealed themselves just like Cronkite.

To wit: subsequent CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather.  Who got caught reporting fake news about George W. Bush, “retired” – and has spent the last decade-plus as a Cronkite-esque Leftist “analyst.”

A key component of the Leftist “news” scam – is journalism school.  Which if you want to be an actual journalist – is totally unnecessary.  You just need a pen, a pad of paper – and a desire to  report what happened.

But if you want to be a Leftist hack posing as a journalist – J-school is fundamental.  These aren’t education facilities – they are indoctrination centers.


And perhaps the premiere such re-education camp – is the Columbia University School of Journalism.  Which used to actually teach journalism – but too was warped by the awful 1960s.  And is now just another hack joint – cranking out hacks.

And hack fake news.  Columbia is selling what’s left of its reputation to Leftist hit job artists – taking “donations” to aid in the execution of Leftist fraud campaigns.

Billionaire Oil Family Admits Targeting Exxon Over Climate Change: “The Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF)’s David Kaiser and Lee Wasserman admitted several months ago in The New York Review of Books that the family intended all along to bring down Exxon because of its supposed anti-global warming positions.

“‘[W]e paid for a team of independent reporters from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism to try to determine what Exxon and other US oil companies had really known about climate science, and when…Such an investigation seemed promising because Exxon, in particular, has been a leader of the movement to deny the facts of climate change.’”

Get that?  Leftist “independent” journalists – paid by people with an agreeable, announced agenda.  Think that might color the outcome of the “journalism?”  Of course it does: “The Columbia School of Journalism…published reports alleging the oil company buried internal research showing rising sea levels were due to man-made global warming.…”


And here’s your Joke of the Day (well, one of them): “(Columbia) continues to insist the contributions it received from the RFF, as well as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), are independent from its research on climate change.”

Sure they are.

And when Leftists pay Leftists for “news” – you get things like this (okay, THIS is your Joke of the Day):

Report Mocked for Blaming 1989 Exxon Valdez Spill on Global Warming: “The article, ‘The role a melting glacier played in Exxon’s biggest disaster,’ earned a few hat tips from the environmental movement after appearing Thursday in the Los Angeles Times, but the taunting from climate-catastrophe challengers has been merciless.

“‘Blindingly stupid,’ ‘climate change fan fiction,’ ‘irrelevant’ and ‘ridiculous’ were among the insults hurled at the report, written by students from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’s Energy and Environmental Reporting Project.”

In case you don’t remember what actually happened: “Anyone who has ever followed the story knows that the only ice responsible for the Exxon Valdez spill would be the ice cooling the captain’s many cocktails that night….”

And again, this closed circle of Leftist fake news is adamantly insisting that it isn’t a closed circle of Leftist fake news: “A disclosure at the end of the article said that the foundations ‘have no involvement in or influence over the articles produced by project fellows in collaboration with the Los Angeles Times.’”


To paraphrase William Shakespeare – the Leftists doth protest too much, methinks.

And as we have previously pointed out, all of this paid-for fake news was Phase One of the Rockefeller anti-Exxon scam.  Phase Two was Leftist state Attorneys General opening fake investigations – predicated upon this paid-for fake news.

And the Sir Alec Guinness of this awful Leftist staged play – is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  Who has at this point in his Exxon persecution spent several years chasing several rabbits down several holes.  And in oil company parlance (and to mix metaphors) – all of those holes have been dry.

And so desperate has this Rockefeller-Schneiderman-“Journalism” Leftist contingent become – they are dishonestly rewriting well-known, exquisitely-documented 30-year-old history about an oil tanker and its drunk captain.

Virtues of Journalism Are at Stake

Yeah – that ship has sailed.


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