Fighting Liar with Fire: NY Attorney General Schneiderman Gets Successfully Sued

New York Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is the hack-est of hacks.  A Leftist ideologue to the point of derangement – and complete dereliction of his actual duty.


Rather than looking after the legal needs of the residents of the Empire State, Schneiderman has spent much of his time tilting at climate change windmills – embodied mostly by a years-long persecution of oil company ExxonMobil.

Schneiderman has engaged in all of this nonsense as his part in a larger Leftist campaign: “(T)wo Rockefeller family foundations have been involved in an advocacy campaign that accuses ExxonMobil of covering up what it knew about climate change….Rockefeller foundations have funded journalism enterprises that have produced stories that overlap with the advocacy agenda….And this cavalcade of fake news served as the precursor to the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman-led years-long very real legal persecution of ExxonMobil.  Which is simply the next phase of the Rockefeller Foundation’s calculated assault against ExxonMobil.  For having the audacity to engage in legal commerce – providing our nation a vital resource.”

Seton Motley | Red State |

Want some irony?  This whole anti-Exxon assault is allegedly predicated upon Exxon “covering up what it knew about climate change.”  So how hilarious is it – that Schneiderman is covering up evidence of his part in this larger Leftist campaign?  And that his legal abuse of Exxon – is being undone by a lawsuit?:

“New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is hiding emails showing he is colluding with wealthy environmentalists to take down ExxonMobil, a conservative legal group argued in court Tuesday.


“E&E Legal believes the New York Democrat is refusing to disclose documents indicating environmentalists Tom Steyer and members of the Rockefeller Family Foundation prodded Schneiderman into investigating the oil company’s climate science. He is legally entitled to keep internal communication private, but is obligated to fork over information sent to outside parties.”

Get that?  If hack AG Schneiderman was just being hack AG Schneiderman – he could keep his hack-ness secret.  But because he’s a part of the broader Rockefeller hackery – and exchanged information thereon – the law mandates he must disclose.

But Schneiderman is only the chief lawyer of New York – so why would he care about obeying the law?  When there are petroleum companies to persecute.

Schneiderman may not care about following the law – but his office certainly knew enough about it to try to evade it: “FOIA’d documents obtained earlier this year show that Lem Srolovic, the assistant attorney general at the New York Attorney General’s Office, used his personal email account in 2012 to prepare for a meeting with environmental organizations. His memo raises questions about how often Schneiderman’s office uses personal emails for professional meetings.”

But wait – there’s more irony. is one of the Leftist environmental joints joining Schneiderman in the litigious Exxon assault.  One of their complaints…is former Exxon Chief Executive Officer (and now United States Secretary of State) Rex Tillerson used a second name (Wayne [his middle name] Tracker) on official, actual Exxon emails:


“Jamie Henn, Strategic Communications Director (said) ‘Instead of coming up with more bogus legal maneuvers, Exxon should comply with the Attorneys General requests, including handing over Tillerson’s secret ‘Wayne Tracker’ emails.’”

Again – not a personal email address, another official Exxon address.  This isn’t a unique thing Tillerson did: “(T)his is routine practice for executives of large companies – to help control what has to be a constantly overflowing inbox.”

Even more irony – private Exxon has already been far more forthcoming than public AG Schneiderman: “Exxon had already disclosed the second address – and emails to and from it – in documents filed with Schneiderman and the courts.”

Get that? Schneiderman and his fellow hacks pretended the already public address was private – to generate some additional fake news.

Meanwhile, Schneiderman’s office refuses to disclose personal email address emails used by AG office officials – to discuss official AG actions.  Used to avoid doing so on the record.

So it would appear Schneiderman, and the entire Leftist Rockefeller contingent has drilled yet another dry hole.  (Something about which Exxon knows in its regular, actual business.)

Meanwhile, E&E Legal appears to have struck a legal gusher – a main vein of New York AG office staffers using private email addresses to duck public accountability on public business.


New Yorkers didn’t elect anyone at private business ExxonMobil.  They don’t even have to purchase their products.  They can go their entire lives without ever engaging with Exxon.

On the other hand, New Yorkers are represented each and every day by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  A public official – with a public charge and public responsibilities.

Schneiderman is forsaking all of the above – to play a hack part in a hack Leftist campaign against private Exxon.  And going out of his way to hide from the public he allegedly represents his inordinately ridiculous Rockefeller role – legally persecuting a private company.

A private company that has publicly disclosed – much more than Schneiderman’s public office has.

Enough already.  Don’t go away mad, Schneiderman – just go away.


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