Why the Establishments of Both Parties Hate Cruz: Ethanol

From the diaries.

No, I’m not saying all the hatred is coming from the Ethanol lobby although they hate him with a purple passion so intense that they are now running a primary challenger against Rep. Steve King ( R. IA) one of Cruz’s supporters in Iowa. What they are afraid of is that Cruz’s commitment to get rid of crony capitalism is real and effective. Not one other candidate, in either party, was willing to take on the ethanol lobby. As background: while the use of ethanol as an additive to gasoline, originally came from the environmental lobby. more recent studies have concluded that there is no environmental benefit from mandating ethanal use. And it may be bad for your car’s engine.


So why do we still have a requirement, not optional, to add ethanol to gasoline? One word. Iowa. Both parties start the primary process in Iowa and the ethanol lobby is very strong in Iowa. Virtually every candidate of every party bows down before King Corn. Except Ted Cruz. He didn’t. King Corn went all out to defeat Cruz. The Governor of the state asked people to vote for anyone but Cruz. And yet he won.

Now mind you, Cruz isn’t anti-ethanol Ethanol will no necessarily go away if Cruz has his way. Its just that no one will force you to put it in your car’s gas tank if Cruz has his way. If you want to buy it, buy it. Cruz has no problem with that. He’s for a free market.

And there is the danger Ted Cruz poses. He correctly points out, again and again, how the government lobbies have created a market controlled by the government. He wants to take government’s thumb off the scale. He wants to return power to the people. He wants to return power to local government. The establishments are in thrall to hundreds of different lobbies. They push regulations which hamper their competitors, favor themselves and channel billions of dollars of federal money to themselves. They are afraid that Ted Cruz will turn the spigot off. That’s why I’m voting for him.



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