PRESLER: Use Joe Biden’s White House Facebook Page to Register Republicans 

PRESLER: Use Joe Biden’s White House Facebook Page to Register Republicans 
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I know what you’re thinking: “Facebook? The very social media company that silences and censors political opposition.”

Social media forever changed my life. In fact, I wouldn’t even be writing this guest column if it weren’t for liberal social media companies. My motto is, “Use the tools of the left in order to elect conservatives.”

In my spare time, I slither over to the White House’s Facebook page. When someone posts on Facebook, users have the option to comment or react. You’ll quickly notice from the page that the majority of reactions, or emojis, to posts are either angry Orange faces or laughing crying emojis. This means that people are making fun of Joe Biden’s administration.

Facebook Screenshot (Credit: Scott Presler)

So, like a ninja, I quickly reply with a comment, such as, “If you’re unhappy that Joe Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan, then please register to vote at your current address.” What I love the most about doing this, or what I refer to as Trolling 101, is my replies often receive more positive reactions than the White House’s original posts. The best part is your reply doesn’t even have to be related to the content — any anti-Joe Biden comment will work wonders.

Facebook Screenshot (Credit: Scott Presler)

Other people are also replying to posts. Whenever I see anything anti-Joe Biden, I swoop in and write “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” I’ve even responded to voters with links where they can register to vote online. Yes, I use Joe Biden’s White House Facebook page to register new Republican voters.

Whether or not you can knock on doors or register voters at gas stations, everyone can spend five minutes replying to voters on Facebook from the comfort of your pajamas, bed, or even a hot tub — no excuses! What I’m asking from each of you is to leave one anti-Joe Biden comment on a White House post per day. Then, reply to five anti-Joe Biden responses and ask, “Are you registered to vote at your current address?”

Use the tools of the left, so we can have a decisive, overwhelming, America first, conservative victory this November.

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