Allen Mall Shooting Media Darling Turns out to Be Total Fraud

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On the afternoon of May 6th, 2023, 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, TX, killing eight and wounding seven others. While the families of those lost in the shooting were still reeling from the tragedy, the left and the media were already working on exploiting the tragedy for their political gain. News of the Allen Mall Shooting shooting was covered at RedState by our own Nick Arama, here.


The media went into overdrive attempting to deflect away from the country’s growing mental health crisis, by attempting to blame the tragedy on conservatives and inanimate objects. The government-subsidized media outlet NPR took an entire section of an article to discuss the frequency of mass shootings that have occurred in our country, quoting numerous anti-gun groups. USA Today ran a piece attempting to explain how a man of Latin descent was a “White Supremacist.” Garcia clearly was a bigoted animal, but the media took these biases to mean that he was essentially “Pro White,” while in reality, he was more “Anti-Muslim” and “Anti-Asian” and ascribed to philosophies of other bigots who shared his racist views. The same media who refused to utter the words “Radical Islamic Extremism,”  are attempting to link those with whom they disagree to a (thankfully) dead, bigoted shooter.

But what gets the media going more than a little blue pill? When they can find entitled while liberals who are willing to lecture conservatives about their lack of empathy.

Enter Steven Spainhouer…  Spainhouer is a well-known entity in the Allen and McKinney area as a leftist activist. From CBS News:

Steven Spainhouer rushed to Allen Premium Outlets — a shopping center in Allen, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, where the shooting happened — when his son called just after 3:30 p.m. local time and said he had heard gunfire.

The gunman was identified as Mauricio Garcia, 33, the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed Sunday. Investigators are looking into whether the gunman was motivated by domestic violent extremist ideals, according to a law enforcement source, who told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that the perpetrator was heavily armed and appeared to be on a mission.

The source said the gunman used an assault-style weapon, had multiple rounds of ammunition on his person and was wearing armored ballistic gear.

“When I heard those shots, and then when the multiple shots happened, my heart just immediately just dropped,” said Spainhouer’s son, who works in the H&M store at Allen Premium Outlets. The shooter opened fire in the parking lot outside, authorities said.

In an emotional interview with CBS News Texas, Spainhouer recalled performing CPR and administering aid to those suffering from injuries in the lot. He arrived at the scene before authorities, who did not get there for about 10 minutes, according to CBS News Texas.

“I never imagined in 100 years I would be thrust into the position of being the first first responder on the site to take care of people,” Spainhouer said, noting that at least three victims could not be saved even after he applied CPR.

“The first girl I walked up to was crouched down covering her head in the bushes,” he recalled. “So I felt for a pulse, pulled her head to the side, and she had no face.”

Spainhouer also helped a child who survived the shooting and was hiding beneath his mother’s body. The mother had died.

“When I rolled the mother over, he came out. I asked him if he was OK and he said, ‘My mom is hurt, my mom is hurt,'” he said. “So, rather than traumatize him anymore, I pulled him around the corner sat him down.”

The boy was “covered from head to toe” in blood, Spainhouer told CBS News Texas, “like somebody poured blood on him.”

Spainhouer said, “no one can see what they saw today and not be affected by it.”

“It’s just unfathomable to see the carnage,” he continued. “It’s tough when you see a family that’s out shopping, having fun, get wiped off the face of the earth because somebody with a gun has some other type of issue.”




Spainhouer was even recognized by the Collin County Democrat Party for his actions at the Allen Premium Outlets:

Collin County Democrats Praise Steven Spainhouer. (Credit: Collin County Democratic Party)

Just one problem…

According to the Allen Police Department, Spainhouer is a total fraud.

Spainhouer thought that he could make statements that would make him a material witness to mass murder and that they wouldn’t want to talk to him or investigate his claims. When Allen PD caught up with Spainhouer to discuss what he saw, it was determined that Spainhouer’s statements to the media were materially false.

Allen Police Department Release on Steven Spainhouer (Credit: Allen Police Department)

In the wake of this revelation, the media have placed several warnings regarding the statements made by Spainhouer and the Collin County Democrat Party has removed their post praising Spainhouer and his son.

Spainhouer retreated to his Facebook page where he posted an explanation of his statements, somehow claiming to be the victim of misinformation:

Steven Spainhouer Facebook Statement

Spainhouer has also removed several public pages from Facebook referencing his Democrat connections.

Unfortunately, the narrative has already been spun. There have been previous Steven Spainhouers. There will be others.  And the media will be there to give frauds a platform.


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