The Left Turns on Gavin Newsom Over COVID Vaccine "Equity" Plan

The Left Turns on Gavin Newsom Over COVID Vaccine "Equity" Plan
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If anything, Gavin Newsom has proved himself to be completely inept as Governor of California, earning him every bit of frustration directed at him as well as the current effort to recall him from office.  Whether it has been homelessness, fires, crime, schools, roads, or any of the other issues on which he has failed, Newsom continues to explain away the ire he faces as “The Republican Recall.” (ProTip:  It isn’t.)  If Newsom were truly convinced of the source of the recall effort, he would know he has nothing to worry about as every Republican in the state could turn out to vote and they would still lose.  Newsom knows he is in trouble, and now it appears that the very base he has been relying on, may be turning on him, as well.

In February, Newsom “outsourced key components of California’s vaccine rollout to the private sector,” according to a report in the Washington Post.  Newsom allocated 28 million dollars for consultants and an insurance company to ensure “equity” in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, an effort that allegedly did not affect the distribution of the vaccine.

From the Washington Post:

“Equity is a useful catchphrase, but the work was either nonexistent or completely nontransparent,” said Kim Rhoads, a health advocate and physician researcher at the University of California San Francisco. About 45 percent of eligible Black residents and Latino residents are fully vaccinated in California, according to state data, compared to nearly 60 percent of the eligible White population. “The numbers speak for themselves,” Rhoads said.

I have previously commented on this discrepancy because it is one that the left has created themselves.  I obviously think that government incompetency plays a huge part in this, as well as this idea that people of certain ethnicities are incapable of thinking and making decisions for themselves, I think the problem is deeper than that.  For the last several years, the left has fostered a belief that minorities are victims of government, whether it is from the police, or schools, or the courts.  They have told minorities that they are not to trust government, as government and the institutions of which it is comprised inherently will victimize them.  In many ways, they are not wrong.  They cannot, however, help to spread this belief and then act shocked when minorities actually believe it.

If you think of all the schemes that government has created to get people to get vaccinated, it shows that the distrust they have fostered has now finally come home to roost.  In California, they also created a lottery of prizes for people who had gotten vaccinated.  Furthermore, it is in Newsom’s (and the rest of the CA Government’s) ignorance that they make plans to “increase” equity, without first admitting the government’s role in using Black Americans like lab rats. (See: Tuskegee Experiment.)

The issue isn’t equity.  It is government.  It always has been, and it likely always will be.  As Newsom thinks he can throw money at the situation, there are those on the left who are going to be angry with the fact that he didn’t do more to push for minorities to get vaccinated, and the millions of dollars he spent for plans to do that, might as well have been flushed down our 1.1-gallon low-flush toilets.  Knowing Newsom and the amount of crap he is full of, that likely would have backed up and flooded the restaurant at the French Laundry.

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