There's a Looming Viral Threat

There's a Looming Viral Threat
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As we began to hear about the viral threat from SARS-CoV-2 at the beginning of February 2020, there were a lot of unknowns about the virus.  While we were being told by our government that we had nothing to worry about, I ran out and stocked up on some goods and made sure our N-95 masks were available for use (yes, I had some on hand for a situation that may require them).  Certainly, I later came to find out that they weren’t as necessary as one had previously believed, but while Dr. Anthony Fauci stated we didn’t need to wear masks, I was wearing my P100 dusk respirator to the grocery store along with a pair of nitrile gloves.  As I learned about the coming threat, I purchased cough medicine, fever reducer, and other treatments that may have helped to treat some of the severe symptoms of COVID-19, should I have had to quarantine for an extended period of time, or if local hospital resources became overrun and self-treatment became the only option.  With all of the rushes on toilet paper, paper towels, and other items, I figured I was not alone in my efforts.

Soon, initial calm gave way to all-out panic as lines began to develop outside of grocery stores and other places of business, as people rushed to fill their needs for the items facing shortages.  At Costco, truckloads of toilet paper were selling out in a matter of minutes.  Masks soon became harder to find than Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s “real killer.”  As everyone lost their minds, I calmly watched from my home, confident in my ability to care for my family’s needs.  We were social distancing before that became the term.

As the data began to give way to a bit of information about who this virus was most likely to affect, I began to realize that my family was likely safe from the majority of the threat.  We were all healthy.  We were all under the age of 60.  We didn’t have any of the leading co-morbidities.  I did, however, encourage my parents (both over the age of 70) to stay home, offering to deliver groceries or perform any repairs they may have, to protect them from a potential worsening of the pandemic.

I had been following the data and news that came out of the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly as a result of two acquaintances of mine being among the first Americans to test positive for COVID-19 (on the cruise ship in Japan).  As time progressed, I became less concerned with the virus and more concerned with a different viral threat I saw immerging from the shadows.  This virus is more deadly, more severe, and more detrimental than 1000 COVIDs.

This virus’s “protein spikes” attach to people’s brains, leading them to believe paranoid delusions.  It has no known treatment, as after you’ve been infected, extracting the virus from your person is near impossible.  It has symptoms that include the previously mentioned paranoid delusions, as well as lethargy, and even in some cases, death.  This virus wasn’t born in a laboratory in China but was born in academia, spreading to younger people first and older people later.  Certain variants of this virus are more transmissible than others, and some are, at times, 100% fatal.

What is this looming viral threat?  This viral threat is the belief that government can save you from threats in your life.

Certainly, if there has been any recurring theme from the last year and a half, it has been the complete and total ineptness of government.  At every turn, we found that government had failed us, either by letting our national stockpile of ventilators drop to an insanely low level, or the fact that it seemed they could never make up their mind as to what we should be doing to protect ourselves from the viral threat.  As I have pointed out before, Fauci has had so many differing directives on masks, that no one could keep the score as to what we should be doing.  Despite the growing list of total and complete failures, we’ve been told by the infected (of this dangerous viral trust in government), that anything other than total and absolute surrender to their failed narrative was selfish, unAmerican, and dangerous.

Yet when confronted with a certain reality, the infected members of the Branch Covidian cult have no viable answer.  What if there is a viral threat that overwhelms government resources to the point that they cannot help us? Reliance on government exclusively ends in disappointment.  It is beyond frustrating that people continue to extend good faith to continued failure based upon some myth that the government will always act in your interest.  Does anyone really believe, that if there was a virus that was as dangerous and deadly as they want you to believe it is, that they would be able to do anything to stop it?  Do you really believe that if the threat became that severe, they would make an effort to save you, over themselves? People’s trust in government even in cases where the government can do something is almost always immediately proven to be misplaced.  In almost every case, anything that the government can do, they shouldn’t.

In January of 2020, had someone announced that the government was going to shut down businesses and schools, limit how people could gather, demand changes to people’s behavior under penalty of jail time, and later advocate for preventing people from participating in society unless they receive an injection of a vaccine that doesn’t actually protect you from getting the virus, you’d have thought they were crazy.  As we now enter another “surge” in COVID-19 cases, not only have most of those things occurred, the problem is getting worse.

This should lead us all to one very alarming conclusion:  There is nothing government wouldn’t do to protect itself.  There’s no line.  There’s no place where they will “pump the brakes” on their power.  While thoughts of forced incarceration for viral threats, or even mass executions seem like some terrible impossibility, we need to realize that if government has proved anything over the course of the last several years, it’s that all options are always on the table. There’s no extent to which they are not willing to go.

And that threat is compounded by that ever-spreading viral belief that government would never do anything against our interest, despite the almost exclusive track record in doing so.  The biggest threat to us isn’t a virus, but the trust in the government to protect us from it.  The fear and concern I have expressed since the outbreak wasn’t in what the virus could do to me or my family but rather watching my fellow Americans sacrifice their liberties at the behest of the government.

Let’s only hope they make a vaccine for that.

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