Defund the Capitol Police

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

To get started, if you came here looking for a defense of the morons who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th, keep moving, because you won’t find that here.  They should be charged with trespassing and for any damage they personally caused and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

What really has been grinding my gears is the way House Democrats have been conducting their investigation into the events of January 6th.  These disingenuous whores have been squawking about how this was some threat to our democracy (it wasn’t), an attempted coup (it wasn’t), and all sorts of other hyperbolic horseshit that is outright laughable.  But alas, this is the Democrats we are talking about so expecting this thing called “standards” is probably my first mistake.

I mean, to start, this is the same party that stood by silently as police officers were assaulted and murdered across this country under their directive, excusing the violence as some sort of reckoning coming to systemically racist police.  They stood by as BLM and Antifa destroyed government buildings, and sowed distrust of police officers among the general population.  When police even attempted to defend themselves against any of these attacks, the violent progressive left chanted that these same officers should be defunded.  When questions were raised about internal investigations held by departments into their officers, the left demanded that, despite evidence oftentimes vindicating the officers’ actions, they be charged with crimes that they did not commit.  Again, demanding first-degree murder charges, thus implying premeditation and intent, for — at worst — crimes at the moment that lack both, is unconstitutional and un-American.

Have Democrats paraded injured and attacked, teary-eyed police officers — you know, those attacked and injured by Antifa and BLM protestors — before Congress to tell their stories?  Have we allowed officers to tell their nightmare stories of what has occurred to them at the hands of violent leftists?  When comparing the overarching behavior of violent leftist mobs over the course of the last decade, who has exacted more damage, injured more people, and sowed more distrust?  The thousands of violent progressive left protestors, or the few hundred numbskulls who raided the Capitol?

While we’ve come to expect this hyperbolic trash from the left, one thing is for certain:  I am horribly disappointed with the way officers of the Capitol Police Department have allowed themselves to be used by Dems for nothing more than to score some political points.  Let’s first remember that it is the Capitol Police who are in charge of the security of the Capitol Building and grounds.  It wasn’t like they didn’t know this was coming, and despite offers from the Executive Branch to help secure the building the day of the riot, both the Capitol Police Chief and Nancy Pelosi rejected those offers.

In the weeks after the January 6th riots, I sent a Freedom of Information Act Request to the Capitol Police for access to all the video from the various Congressional buildings from that day.  Imagine my surprise when the Capitol Police told me that they were immune to FOIA because they were a part of the Legislative Branch.  I came to a realization that the Capitol makes and enforces their own law, with their own police department, absent zero oversight.  I believe we could all safely assume just how the founding fathers would feel about a single branch making all of their own rules.

Yet, if they were really interested in telling their side of the story, what would be a better way of highlighting the terror these officers allegedly experienced than releasing the video of those moments.  Instead, cherry-picked edited videos accompanied by tearful testimony from handpicked officers suggest some sort of concerted effort by a few LARPing jackasses to somehow, absent any guns or weapons, overthrow our constitutional government.  Was an unarmed woman shot by a still-yet-to-be-identified officer?  When has the left EVER stood for this, except in the case when they can use it for race-baiting riots?

But furthermore, the US Capitol Police should have had a reckoning in front of a Congressional committee that questioned their capability to defend and protect the members of Congress.  When other departments have failed in their basic responsibilities, the modern left has been unabashed about their calls to defund them.  The sudden resignation of the US Capitol Police Chief in the days after January 6th — and the more than 70 resignations of officers since — doesn’t speak of a unified front in defending a “brotherhood.”  It speaks of dissension, conflict, and disagreement.  While the media trumpets their blame on the January 6th riots, never does it enter their heads that perhaps the departure has to deal with their own personal disagreement with the way the Department has been politicized in the wake of the riots.

If we should be defunding any police force, might I suggest we start with the flying monkey force at the US Capitol who does the bidding of the Wicked Witch of the West Coast?  Would Democrats want to fully fund a force that isn’t mandated to wear body cameras?  What about a force that refused to release footage of the shooting of an unarmed female veteran?  What about a force that allowed itself to get politicized by the right?  No?

I am sure that we could expect the changes to start now and that the US Capitol Police would be solely focused on delivering a plan on how to prevent future attacks on the US Capitol, right? Except you’d be wrong.  As recently announced, the US Capitol Police has found it more important to clarify department policy on arresting mask-violators in the Capitol.  As ordered by the broom jockey, violators of the Capitol mask policy, now face arrest should they violate the policy.

So before we start talking about defunding the last line of defense between our homes, our schools, and our families, let’s first defund the politicized department that is responsible to no one.  Let’s make the Democrats do to their force what they want to do to all of ours.


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