The Biden Administration Has Made It Clear Just How Much They Care About Conservative Asylum Seekers

AP Photo/Ismael Francisco

As illegal immigrants were flowing across our southern border during the Trump administration, the DHS and ICE began an offensive that stopped several, placing them into custody.  Due to ridiculous lawsuits filed by immigration activists, the US was prohibited from detaining children with their parents, leading to headlines about “Kids in Cages” and how we were tearing children away from their parents. Oftentimes, these children were sent to the border and, at the first sight of US Border officials, abandoned by their trafficking coyotes.  We were told that it was “our duty” as a nation to accept these people who had traveled for thousands of miles for a better life, often from democratic nations in Central and South America.  Despite the media reports being devoid of news of political targetings, ethnic cleansing, or other asylum qualifiers, liberals were literally broadcasting messages and sending flyers describing the very things one must say and do to apply for asylum.  Asylum applications at the border skyrocketed, and liberals, both in and out of the media, were telling us that we were un-American to suggest that many of these applications were hyperbolic garbage.

To the left, securing the border is racist despite the fact that many of us want the border secured not just between San Diego and Brownsville, but also from Bellingham to Bangor and at every international airport.  No conservative is suggesting to deny people the privilege of immigrating to the United States, especially based upon ethnicity, religion, or wealth.  It simply needs to be the process by which others have previously done so.  In fact, it would be conservatives who would openly advocate for the issuance of asylum to people who truly faced the persecution that is associated with a need for asylum.  It was conservatives who stood by dissidents in Hong Kong, Iran, and most recently, Cuba.  To those protestors, America still stands for freedom and liberty, concepts to which liberals find themselves diametrically opposed.  Liberals are the ones who have cheered the oppressive leaders in these countries, praising their actions.  Let’s be real:  Which future do liberals want for America?  One that continues to make the US a beacon of liberty and freedom?  Or one that makes us more like Cuba or China?  How often are we told of the greatness of the Chinese or Cuban Governments?  We’ve all heard the unapologetic praise the left has piled upon Chinese infrastructure or Cuban Healthcare.

Yet when these America-loving dissidents need a place to go, liberals are the first to say no.  They watch as people are arrested, beaten, gassed, tortured, and eventually murdered by their governments, but yet deny these people the same privileges afforded to people who, for the most part, don’t face a fraction of the challenges south of our border.

As news broke out of Cuba for the last several weeks, horror stories have abounded, with people facing the hallmarks of oppressive regimes, yet the American Left continues to ignore the crisis.  It has gotten so bad, that Cuba has outsourced their oppression to another dumpster fire of a nation, Venezuela. There’s direct evidence of benchmarks for asylum, yet they have made the message to potential applicants clear:  Do not come to the United States.

And why?  The only explanation at this point is political.  Should a massive legalization of illegal immigrants come, they don’t want to be granting the right to vote to people who will likely vote as conservatives.  They would rather watch these people die in their homelands at the hands of the very type of government for which they advocate, rather than prove their ideology to be exactly what it is:  dependent upon force.

While on one hand they are bringing an entire generation of fertile minded children here and putting them in the care of a government who teaches them they are inherently a victim of a system, to which they chose to come (or were sent to by their parents), they are denying others who would literally die to come here (to avoid continued persecution), their same desire to join the American dream, simply because they would likely vote against the very tactics liberals are attempting to institute because they are the same tactics used by the oppressors, from whom they are attempting to escape.  Liberals hate truly oppressed people because they face true oppression, and not just the fact that someone uses the wrong pronouns or refuses to believe their anti-biological and unscientific rhetoric.

Liberals want people who trust Big Government and rely upon it.  Just like these same liberals are fleeing their urban strongholds (in blue states) to the suburbs and small cities (in red states) and then voting for the same policies which turned their previous homes into crime-ridden racial ghettos, they hope these same immigrants (who often are looking for handouts) will do the same.  It isn’t about freedom or liberty or safety.  It is about a political agenda.

Conservatives want immigrants who love America just the way she is. These people see America as a place to save them from their persecution, not a meal ticket. They proudly wave the American flag as a part of their protests, showing they believe the US to be the land that represents freedom and liberty.  Again, the left would have them continue to suffer the denial of their basic rights, simply because that government does something the left considers to be a benefit.  Sure they are oppressed at every turn, but that doesn’t stop them from driving on some nice roads or having a doctor to see, am I right?

Almost predictably, the left shows us exactly what they are all about.  They’re okay with people dying under the thumb of oppressive regimes as long as they continue to win elections.


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