AOC FOIA Update: Video Footage For Me, But Not For Thee

AOC FOIA Update:  Video Footage For Me, But Not For Thee
AP Photo/John Minchillo

One of the lessons I learned last week while watching the second season of the Trump Impeachment is that not only is footage from the Capitol available, it can be used at the Speaker’s direction, as House Democrats showed video after video of security footage from inside the Capitol on January 6th.  Remember, it is the House that presents the case in the Senate, so likely Speaker Pelosi was able to secure the video releases from the United States Capitol Police to build the case against Trump.

What I did learn is this:  The chances of AOC’s story being a complete fabrication increased as a result of the Democrats’ presented case at the Impeachment Trial.  We know that the Democrats were able to gain access to the footage because of them showing it, while also getting super-specific, by showing the video of Senator Mitt Romney being escorted away from danger by the USCP and other security officials.  Considering the vast and deep resources available to the House Impeachment Managers, if video evidence of AOC’s ordeal existed, they would have loaded up the footage for the most epic dunk on the right in years.  If they had shown the footage of AOC’s tearful recounting of her experience in the Capitol Office Buildings that day, supercut with her being hurried through the halls to the Longworth Building, where she sought refuge in the office of Katie Porter, they could have proven half of the country wrong in our assumption about the Congresswoman from New York.  If a protestor had so much as touched AOC’s office door, or that of Katie Porter, they would have been able to link that to not only Trump but to Ted Cruz as well.  That isn’t to say that Trump or Cruz were responsible for the action, but the Dems, in their desperation to get Trump, could have made it seem so.

When I get my inevitable rejection for my request from the Speaker’s office for my request, it will signal to us that which we already know:  Congress has shielded itself as a “supra-Constitutional” body, that is above the expected transparency to which We The People, are entitled.   Our Constitutional protections are divinely inspired and granted to us by our creator, whether you believe that to be God or nature.  That means that our rights are given to us, not by the government, but simply by being created. Congress’s action in hiding behind a self-established and self-granted exemption to transparency laws that cover the executive branch shows that they not only believe they are above the Constitution but that they also believe that they are above our creator or the very force of creation which placed us here.

What would stop Pelosi from honoring my request at this point besides a bias against conservative media?  We know that answer, but we don’t have to like it.

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