If It Is Unity They Want, Then There's A Way To Earn It

If It Is Unity They Want, Then There's A Way To Earn It
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This morning, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.  Among the things, Joe listed as his goals?  Unifying a divided nation.  As we have seen from the violent acts from the left for the last four years, very little about the left suggests they want unity.

Democrats suggest that now they want peace and unity, despite literally announcing efforts to impeach President Trump the day of his inauguration.  That day saw millions of dollars of damage and over 200 arrests of those from the violent left.  The media praised their efforts.  When the right violently raided the Capitol two weeks ago, the media couldn’t stop talking about insurrection and coups, yet had the mobs of four years ago been successful, what do you think they would have done had they had access to the President or Vice President?  Let me be clear:  NEITHER FORM OF VIOLENCE SHOULD BE TOLERATED (Hi Facebook and Twitter Censors!) What is necessary is the equal application of standards, which most of the time, you will find from the right.

Unity comes from equality and for a group of people who claim they want equality, they certainly dehumanize a huge portion of the population because they disagree with them.

Suddenly, after the riots at the Capitol, the left believes in law and order.  Pardon me while I call it out as BS.  The Dems didn’t want law and order.  They wanted protection.  They wanted security.  They wanted safety, all while agreeing to deny those same rights to thousands of business owners and homeowners across the country for the better part of the last four years.  Violence committed by Democrats almost exclusively got a pass.  When Minneapolis burned, where were the calls from the left to send in the National Guard?  Where were the public condemnations of the organizations that organized the protests and riots?  Where were the Democrat leaders on the ground telling those people to go home?  Where were the demands that all looters be arrested and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law?  Where were the lectures about “the right way” to do things?  Why would they then go on to nominate a woman for Vice President who justified violence the entire time it was occurring?  When a couple simply stood on their front porch, of their land, defending their life and property against people who had already committed trespass and threatened their lives (as the video of the scene confirms), it was the couple the left demanded to be arrested and not the violent and lawbreaking protestors. When cops were shot at, threatened, assaulted, and killed by the left, there was never any talk about “respect for our officers.”

When Brett Kavanaugh faced accusations devoid of literally any credibility, the left demanded that he be eliminated from consideration for the Supreme Court seat.  During the same period of time, the man who sat near the head of the Democrat party leadership was none other than Keith Ellison, who had very credibly been accused of beating his partner.  When they tell us they want to protect women, yet ignore 911 call tapes to elect Raphael Warnock, it comes across as wild hypocrisy.

Let’s not forget how they talk about Kimberly Guilfoyle, and call her every derogatory term in the book, because she is currently dating Donald Trump Jr.  Terms like whore and slut were willingly thrown at her from the left, without any criticism from their leadership.  Unfounded suggestions of drug use were thrown at her, and she was accused of sleeping her way to the top.   Meanwhile, they nominate Kamala Harris as VP, despite her virtually identical resume to that of Guilfoyle.

When COVID-19 cases rose in South Dakota, the left piled on Donald Trump and Governor Kristi Noem, leaning on questionable testimony from a part-time travel nurse to slam those leaders.  The deaths that occurred in that state were 100% the fault of Noem.  Meanwhile, the top three states with COVID-19 deaths are New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts, and those deaths are Trump’s fault.

The left doesn’t want unity.  They don’t want to meet us in the middle of some ideological battlefield for the ending of hostilities.  They don’t want to release their prisoners or apologize for their ideological genocide.  What they want is surrender and compliance. They don’t want compromise on immigration, they want amnesty.  They don’t want to compromise on student loan debt, they want forgiveness.  They don’t want to compromise on gun control, they want confiscation.  They don’t want to compromise on healthcare, they want to buy electoral loyalty.  They don’t want to compromise on tax policy, they want outright theft.

If Joe Biden wants legitimate unity, he can start by publicly acknowledging the faults of the left and demanding change from within his own party.  He can start by demanding that the left lives by the standards they demand the right live by. No more of this “violence for me but not for thee” BS.  He can start by purging his party of credibly accused offenders.  He can demand that police put down violent mobs by any means necessary.  He can support people’s rights to defend life and property by any means necessary.  He can decide, right here and now, whether or not to deny the Dems of the justification and rationalization that has excused their behavior for decades.  There’s literally no path to unity without the real and genuine action from the left to denounce their documented behavior.  Absent that, take your unity and stuff it.

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