Dan Crenshaw Is Back In New Reloaded Campaign Ad And It Triggers The Left Beautifully

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Congressman Dan Crenshaw made waves with his Texas Reloaded Campaign ad during the General Election, which featured numerous candidates running for Congress in various districts in Texas.  Of the five candidates featured in the ad, three won on Election day, and have now joined Crenshaw’s ranks in Washington D.C., awaiting being sworn in.


The new ad, picks up on Election Night, as Crenshaw was delivering his campaign speech.  He’s pulled away from his comments by none other than Marcus Luttrell of “Lone Survivor” fame, after being awarded numerous medals for his bravery in Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan.  Crenshaw receives a briefing from Luttrell and another man, about the upcoming mission, this time, in Georgia.  The ad then shows Crenshaw jumping from the back of a plane headed into the “dropzone” for his mission in Georgia:  Helping to re-elect Senators Perdue and Loeffler.

During Crenshaw’s drop, he’s given instructions to alter his drop path as the landing zone is full of Antifa awaiting his drop.  Crenshaw denies the request, instead suggesting he pay a visit to the welcome party:  Two Antifa footsoldiers awaiting Crenshaws drop.  Suddenly, Crenshaw drops onto the hood of the Antifa’s (likely mom’s SUV) with a superhero landing (see Deadpool)  which causes both of the Antifa turds to freak out, right as Crenshaw reaches back to punch through the windshield.

Here’s the ad here:

Predictably, the left immediately lashed out at Crenshaw linking to unsubstantiated reports that Crenshaw destroyed the reputation of the alleged victim of sexual assault.  The same type of people have been praising AOC’s Twitch streams full of logical fallacies and lies, but yet have a huge problem with a fun ad like this.


Crenshaw, again, for the win.  This time for both making an awesome commercial, AND triggering the left!  Great job Congressman!


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