Joe Biden Is Proud Of Hunter; Why?

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

This morning, during a press conference, Joe Biden was asked about Hunter being under investigation for his business dealings in China.  Hunter’s shenanigans would have cost Biden the election if the media hadn’t played defense in killing the story, and Joe knows this.  However, in response to the question, Joe made a truly stupid response.


“I am proud of my son.”

I don’t take issue with Joe loving his son.  Every father should unconditionally love his kids.  Being proud of him is another thing. Of what exactly, is Joe Biden proud?

Is he proud of Hunter being kicked out of the military for testing positive for cocaine use?  Is he proud that Hunter only got into the military in the first place because daddy-o was the Vice President?  Is he proud of the waivers he got for Hunter?

Is he proud that Hunter was sleeping with his brother’s widow just months after Beau’s death?  Is he proud that Hunter was such a scumbag that that same widow, banned Hunter from coming around?

Is he proud that Hunter knocked up a stripper who then had that child?  Is he proud that Hunter fought his responsibilities for that child, in court?  Is he proud of the alleged child porn found on his laptop or his alleged engaging in acts with a minor?

Is he proud of Hunter’s business dealings in peddling his father’s influence around the world?  Is he proud of Hunter selling out US National Security interests to make a buck, or that he represented Chinese spy agencies in their acquisition of US stealth technology?

Is he proud that Hunter used US resources to travel to business meetings?  What about his pride in Hunter joining the board of a corrupt oil and gas company?

Is he proud of Hunter’s numerous trips to rehab and continued drug use?  Is he proud that his son engaged in acts that were recorded and published?  Is he proud that Hunter abuses his friendships and familial connections for his own gain?


Is he proud that Hunter has alienated himself from his friends because of his behavior?  Is he proud that Chris Heinz wants nothing to do with him?  Is he proud of the fraud he has committed or the lies he has spun?

Again, a father should always love his son, but a father can also say he loves his son in spite of stupid decisions in which he engages.  Joe can love his son, but being proud of him? What does that say about Joe?

Hunter is scum.  He has been, and likely will always be so.  He’s a serial abuser of both person and substances, and Joe’s unwavering support of his son’s behavior goes to show that Joe belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.   His loyalty to his son’s destructive behavior means he could likely be manipulated by that loyalty.  It isn’t just a dumb idea.  It is a threat to national security.


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