If This Is The War the Left Wants, This Is The War The Left Will Get

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

With all the fearmongering that the left has been doing regarding the militant right for the last several years, one thing is for sure:  The right isn’t taking over portions of major cities and calling them autonomous zones.  First came Seattle and then Portland.  Something about PNW dwelling, granola-munching, hipsters is tolerant of abdicating sovereignty over large portions of major cities.


Andy Ngo, who has himself been a victim of Antifa previously, has been an absolute rockstar when it has come to reporting the antics of Antifa throughout the country, especially in the PNW.  Antifa has established a new autonomous zone in Portland, one with which the Portland Mayor is not happy.  Ngo posted to Twitter earlier today, a video of the autonomous zone’s “security forces” who appear to be carrying a semi-automatic rifle of some kind.

All of the talk that the threat of violence in the US comes primarily from the right is absolute garbage.  The left has been tolerant of the threat of violence and actual acts of violence from Antifa, all while allowing the soy-powered terrorists to act with almost 100% impunity.  Even after a “100% Antifa” tool murdered a Trump supporter in Portland, the left has continued to defend the group and allow for their continued stupidity.

Even when “right-wing” activists (who were later deemed justified by the courts) took over a government building in protest of actions in taking over some of their rightfully owned lands, the right still did not repeat that performance anywhere else.


What this shows is the left feels that their use of the threat of violence is justified, however, it isn’t when it is done by the right.  Let’s be honest here:  The right is infinitely more armed and trained than the left.  These wanna-be’s soldiers walking around the streets of Portland, demanding we comply with their idiot demands for autonomy might just get what they want.  If it is a war they want and this is the way they want to fight it, they just might get their wish.

If it is indeed a war they want, it may be a war they get.  Of course, they will likely fold to the demands of police and other officials should they be ordered to surrender, but for now, they get to play house with a bunch of their dreadlocked friends.  Once the right begins defining their own “autonomous zones,” the left can complain about the actions of the “violent right.”


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