Gavin Newsom Gets To Pick His Own Fantasy Government Team

In California, Emperor Gavin Newsom, or so he would like to think, has been issuing executive edict after executive edict, despite his own actions that ignore those very orders.  His ‘do as I say not as I do’ attitude has earned him the dislike of many Californians as well as millions across the country.  Luckily for Newsom, he maintains a super-majority in the legislature, and his legislative lapdogs have done nothing to challenge his unfettered power.


With the prospective election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Newsom has the potential of anointing a new Senator from California.  Then the news from the last few days is that Biden has nominated Xavier Beccera, California’s Attorney General, to the HHS post in a Biden administration.  That now gives Newsom a second position to appoint.  Fortunately for Newsom, (and unfortunately for us), he has more favors to pay than positions to fill, which should lead to a dog-eat-dog situation when it comes to the two open positions.

However, why would Gavin Newsom stop there?  There’s been talk that he might appoint Alex Padilla, California’s Secretary of State and purveyor of the control of elections, to the potentially-vacated Senate seat, freeing up, yet another seat for him to appoint.  Padilla, who would move from a term-limited seat to a lifetime (should he want it) Senate seat, would definitely buy a bit of loyalty from the future Senator, should Newsom’s Presidential aspirations become a more serious thing in 2024 or 2028.

Political horse-trading is what put Newsom in the Governor’s post in 2018.  When Barbara Boxer announced she would not run for re-election in 2016, Kamala and Newsom both initially showed interest in the seat, but ultimately decided that a head-to-head battle would be costly and problematic for both.  Instead, Newsom (who was Lt. Governor at the time) likely proposed that he would back Harris for Senate in 2016, in exchange for her support in his Gubernatorial aspirations in 2018.  With the deal made, both were practically guaranteed election to their respective offices.


As for who Newsom might appoint to the two offices and whether or not those two offices are Senate and Attorney General or Attorney General and Secretary of State.  He will likely appoint someone to the Senate seat who is in another position which he will get to appoint, therefore giving him more influence to buy loyalty from other appointees.  There have been rumors that Newsom may appoint AB 5 mastermind and current Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez to the Secretary of State post, and current Congresswoman (and recently reelected AND Elizabeth Warren’s Sith Apprentice) Katie Porter to the Attorney General seat.  Doing so would spark two costly special elections in two relatively safe districts.

Gonzalez’s appointment would galvanize the labor support for both Gonzalez and Newsom, bringing a great deal of funding to future campaigns for both of them.  Gonzalez would be bringing her radical labor union agenda to the Secretary of State’s office, putting her in control of business filing as well as other regulatory burdens for California businesses.  In other words, it would be a train wreck of dumpster fires, in a state that has become radioactive to business growth already.

Porter’s appointment to AG would also bring campaign funding to both Porter and Newsom, as Porter’s ultra-wealthy Orange County district would see donors dumping money into defending her reelection in two years, as well as any future aspirations for the mighty hair-gelled one.


Either way, Newsom is headed for the potential of having the most appointments for a Governor for decades.   It is also a guarantee that those whom he will appoint will be woefully unqualified for their positions and lead to further problems on California’s accelerated downfall.



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