Watch: The First's Mike Slater and Scott Hounsell Talk Polls, 2020, And The Shy Voter

This past week I had the honor of joining Mike Slater on his show to discuss a piece I wrote back in September, “Your Definitive Guide to Understanding Polling (and Why Most Polls Are Garbage)” as well as the current state of the Presidential Race leading up to the November Election.


We talk about:

Sampling and how most polling firms get it wrong.

What are opt-in polls?  What is the alternative?

If we look at registration in battleground states since 2016, what are the takeaways?


Stay tuned to VIP as I cover the last of the battlegrounds this week and start to offer a state by state analysis as we head into election day!  Join now with promo code “POLLTHIS” to get all the VIP content from RedState writers and all VIP content from all Townhall sites!


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