The FBI Just Comey-ed Biden’s Hope For The White House

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced this evening that the information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop is NOT a Russian Disinformation campaign and that they are in possession of the material and are conducting a further investigation.


Earlier this week, the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, stated that the Hunter Biden emails were not a Russian disinformation campaign because “there is not intelligence that supports that.”  In a statement released today, the FBI has stated it has nothing to add to the statements made by DNI Ratcliffe and that they cannot comment on anything about potential pending investigations or the persons who may be involved.


This is reminiscent of Comey’s announcement after the discovery of additional emails on a discovered laptop of Anthony Weiner, in late October 2016.  While Clinton’s slide in the polls began before that release, with her losing 5 points in the week previous, many attribute her 2016 loss to Comey’s last-minute revelation.


It is important to note that Twitter is still blocking the New York Post Twitter account for allegedly releasing damaging and illegally obtained materials, an alleged violation of Twitter’s policy, which has gone unenforced during the numerous illegal releases against the Trump administration throughout the last 4 years.  The block has led to additional traffic for the piece as it has brought a good deal of attention to the story as readers sought out the story at the news of it being censored. Despite ever-flowing facts that have emerged in this case, Twitter still is running defense for the Biden Campaign by continuing to block the original story that gave rise to this.

Whether the media likes it or not, this story isn’t going anywhere and you can expect it to continue to grow as more people question why they are ignoring, what is the exposure of potentially biggest corruption case in the history of the United States.


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