History Denier Jill Biden Says No Child Separations Under Biden Adminstration

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The left has a problem with history.  Either they are attempting to deny it or they are attempting to rewrite it.  This morning, Dr. Jill Biden appeared on The View to deny the history of her husband’s involvement in the Obama Administration’s Child Separation policy.


What would Joe do, you don’t mind if I call him Joe do you?  What would Joe do to alleviate the situation?

“Well first of all we wouldn’t even be here if Joe Were President.”

Actually, Jill, we were there, when Joe was Vice President.  History is written.  Not only would they occur under a Biden/Harris ticket, they already did under an Obama/Biden Presidency.

“There would be no separation of families at the border.”

That’s just not true.  Under the Obama Administration, children were separated from their parents at a lower rate than they were under the Trump Administration.  The ONLY reason why the Trump administration began separating children was because of a court order BEFORE Trump became President, that stated that group detentions for families was constitutional but only for a short time and they had to release those illegal immigrants, who famously would ditch out on return court dates.  Instead of the Trump Administration just releasing illegal immigrants, they instead separated the children from their parents to be able to hold the parents longer.

“And you know I traveled to the border last Christmas.  I was in Matamoros and I saw those families and I served a Christmas meal to the you know, the thousands of people who were there and uh, we have to find a way to reunite these families. Uh, I mean as a mother this.. it… it just breaks my heart, I can’t even imagine it and I think um, I think all Americans feel that way, I don’t care whether you’re a democrat, whether you’re a Republican, if you’re a mother, if you’re a grandmother, this breaks your heart.”


Sure it is heartbreaking.  It is also heartbreaking when the women who are trafficked across the border are violently raped by their “guides.”  It is also heartbreaking when a parent loses a child to a drug overdose, from drugs that come across the Southern border.  It also needs to be remembered that Democrats have infamously encouraged illegal border crossings, which brought these children to the border in the first place. Those cages we see in the news, are Obama Administration cages.  This isn’t up for debate.  This is literal history. To deny it either makes you incompetent and ill-informed or makes you a denier of history.

Watch below:

Of course, when it comes to a show like The View, you would never expect someone like Joy Behar to ever challenge Jill in her unmitigated BS.  She’s just going to smile and nod and make everyone believe that Dr. Jill is incapable of lying.


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